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p-S1652-MYO5A (R-HSA-1449606) [Homo sapiens]

Reference Gene Product
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Additional Information
External reference name MYO5A
External reference id Q9Y4I1
Synonyms MYO5A (pSer1652), Myosin-Va (pSer1652)
Compartment cytosol
Other Identifiers
 0006760021  11724357_a_at  11724358_s_at  204527_at  227761_at
 241966_at  40571_at  44368_at  4644  49440_at
 4D07  4J5L  4LLI  4LX1  4LX2
 78603_at  82455_at  A_23_P117654  A_24_P255218  AAB33211
 AAC14188  AAD00702  AC010674  AC018902  AC025917
 AF055459  CAA69035  CAA69036  CAA80533  CCDS42037
 CCDS45262  ENSG00000197535  ENSP00000348693  ENSP00000382177  ENST00000356338
 ENST00000399231  EntrezGene:4644  g10835118_3p_at  GE60246  GE718028
 HGNC:7602  HPA001356  Hs.210209.0.A1_3p_at  Hs.21213  Hs.21213.0.A1_3p_at
 ILMN_1698225  IPR000048  IPR001609  IPR002710  IPR027417
 LRG_86  LRG_86t1  MIM:160777  MYO5A  MYO5A-001
 MYO5A-008  NM_000259  NM_001142495  NP_000250  NP_001135967
 O95317  OTTHUMP00000174452  OTTHUMP00000249029  PF00063  PF00612
 PF01843  PH_hs_0022030  PH_hs_0049142  PR00193  Q9UES5
 R-HSA-1445148  R-HSA-168249  R-HSA-168256  R-HSA-199991  R-HSA-2029480
 R-HSA-2029482  R-HSA-264876  R-HSA-2980736  R-HSA-392499  R-HSA-5653656
 S74799  SM00015  SM00242  U90942  uc002abx.5
 uc002aby.4  UPI0000E445E1  UPI0001AE686A  XM_005254397  XM_005254398
 XM_011521606  XM_011521608  XM_011521611  XM_011521612  XP_005254454
 XP_005254455  XP_011519908  XP_011519910  XP_011519913  XP_011519914
 Y07759  Y07759_at  Z22957
Secondary Identifiers MYO5A_HUMAN, A8MZC5, O60653, Q07902, Q16249, Q9UE30, Q9UE31
Gene Names MYO5A, MYH12
Chain initiator methionine:1, chain:2-1855
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 4644
CTD Gene 4644
BioGPS Gene 4644
NCBI Gene 4644
ENSEMBL ENSG00000197535
Orphanet 16508
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000259
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000250, NP_001135967
DOCK Blaster 4J5L, 4LLI, 4LX1, 4LX2, 4D07
GeneCards Q9Y4I1
UCSC human Q9Y4I1
Protein Data Bank 4J5L, 4LLI, 4LX1, 4LX2, 4D07
Name Coordinate Modification PsiMod Name PsiMod Identifier PsiMod Definition
O-phospho-L-serine at 1652 1652 O-phospho-L-serine 00046 A protein modification that effectively converts an L-serine residue to O-phospho-L-serine.
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