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SERPING1 (R-HSA-158296) [Homo sapiens]

Reference Gene Product
Other forms of this molecule
Additional Information
External reference name SERPING1
External reference id P05155
Synonyms C1Inh, plasma protease C1 inhibitor
Compartment extracellular region
Other Identifiers
 0005130458  11715368_a_at  11751845_x_at  1M6Q  200986_at
 2OAY  39775_at  710  A_14_P105872  A_23_P139123
 A_33_P3413987  A_33_P3413989  A_33_P3413993  AAA35613  AAA51848
 AAA51849  AAA53096  AAB33044  AAB59387  AAH11171
 AAM21515  AAP35612  AAQ19269  AAW69393  AB209826
 ADU87625  AF435921  AK293054  AK303809  AK303840
 AK312626  AP000662  AP002893  AY291075  AY904027
 BAD93063  BAF85743  BAG35512  BAG64762  BAG64784
 BC011171  BT006966  CAA30314  CAA30469  CAA38358
 CAB026161  CCDS7962  CH471076  E9KL26  EAW73764
 ENSG00000149131  ENSP00000278407  ENSP00000367574  ENSP00000367575  ENST00000278407
 ENST00000378323  ENST00000378324  EntrezGene:710  g4557378_3p_at  GE61906
 GU727623  HGNC:1228  HPA048738  Hs.384598  ILMN_1670305
 ILMN_1711272  IPR023795  IPR023796  LRG_105  LRG_105t1
 M13203  M13656  M13690  M13690_s_at  M14036
 M30688  MIM:606860  NM_000062  NM_001032295  NP_000053
 NP_001027466  OTTHUMP00000197003  OTTHUMP00000197007  OTTHUMP00000235287  PF00079
 PH_hs_0018714  R-HSA-109582  R-HSA-114608  R-HSA-140837  R-HSA-140877
 R-HSA-76002  R-HSA-76005  S76944  SERPING1  SERPING1-001
 SERPING1-005  SERPING1-007  SM00093  uc001nkp.2  uc010rju.2
 uc010rjv.2  UPI000000123F  UPI0000D4C3F1  UPI00017A860A  X07427
 X07428  X07429  X07430  X07431  X07432
 X07433  X07577  X54486
Secondary Identifiers IC1_HUMAN, A6NMU0, A8KAI9, B2R6L5, B4E1F0, B4E1H2, Q16304, Q547W3, Q59EI5, Q7Z455, Q96FE0, Q9UC49, Q9UCF9
Gene Names SERPING1, C1IN, C1NH
Chain signal peptide:1-22, chain:23-500
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 710
CTD Gene 710
BioGPS Gene 710
NCBI Gene 710
ENSEMBL ENSG00000149131
Orphanet 15274
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_001032295
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_001027466, NP_000053
DOCK Blaster 2OAY, 1M6Q
PRO P05155
GeneCards P05155
UCSC human P05155
Protein Data Bank 2OAY, 1M6Q
Inferred Entries
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