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Removal of aminoterminal propeptides from gamma-carboxylated proteins

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Homo sapiens
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Furin is an endopeptidase localized to the Golgi membrane that cleaves many proteins on the carboxyterminal side of the sequence motif Arg-[any residue]-(Lys or Arg)-Arg (Jones et al. 1995; Leduc et al. 1992). In the case of gamma-carboxylated proteins, if this cleavage does not occur, the proteins are still secreted but do not function properly (Bristol et al. 1993; Lind et al. 1997; Wasley et al. 1993). The aminoterminal fragments, "propeptides", generated in this reaction have no known function; the carboxylated, cleaved proteins are delivered to the cell membrane or secreted from the cell via pathways to be annotated in a future release of Reactome.

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