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OxA-STS (R-HSA-1606833) [Homo sapiens]

Reference Gene Product
Additional Information
External reference name STS
External reference id P08842
Synonyms active STS, Steryl-sulfatase, STS_HUMAN
Compartment endoplasmic reticulum membrane
Other Identifiers
 0004570040  11724829_at  11724830_at  11724831_at  11724832_at
 1P49  203767_s_at  203768_s_at  203769_s_at  203770_s_at
 38034_at  412  A_14_P102729  A_14_P110858  A_24_P331560
 AAA60596  AAA60597  AAA60598  AAA60599  AAH75030
 AK314034  BAG36744  BC075030  CCDS14127  ENSG00000101846
 ENSP00000217961  ENST00000217961  EntrezGene:412  g13162281_3p_a_at  g338564_3p_a_at
 GE57842  HGNC:11425  HPA002904  Hs.522578  Hs.79876.0.A2_3p_a_at
 Hs.79876.0.A3_3p_a_at  ILMN_1778956  IPR000917  IPR017850  IPR024607
 J04964  M16505  M16505_at  M23556  M23945
 MIM:300747  NM_000351  NP_000342  OTTHUMP00000022868  PF00884
 PF14707  PH_hs_0031356  PH_hs_0042046  R-HSA-1430728  R-HSA-163841
 R-HSA-1660662  R-HSA-1663150  R-HSA-392499  R-HSA-428157  R-HSA-556833
 R-HSA-597592  STS  STS-001  uc004cry.5  UPI0000136153
 XM_005274511  XM_011545516  XM_011545517  XM_011545518  XP_005274568
 XP_011543817  XP_011543818  XP_011543819  XP_011543820
Secondary Identifiers STS_HUMAN, B2RA47
Gene Names STS, ARSC1
Chain signal peptide:1-21, chain:22-583
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 412
CTD Gene 412
BioGPS Gene 412
NCBI Gene 412
ENSEMBL ENSG00000101846
Orphanet 15566
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000351
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000342
ZINC_target P08842
DOCK Blaster 1P49
HMDB_protein HMDBP00493
PRO P08842
GeneCards P08842
UCSC human P08842
Protein Data Bank 1P49
Name Coordinate Modification PsiMod Name PsiMod Identifier PsiMod Definition
L-3-oxoalanine (Ser) at 75 75 L-3-oxoalanine (Ser) 00835 A protein modification that effectively converts an L-serine residue to L-oxoalanine.