Conversion from APC/C:Cdc20 to APC/C:Cdh1 in late anaphase

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Homo sapiens
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The activity of the APC/C must be appropriately regulated during the cell cycle to ensure the timely degradation of its substrates. Of particular importance is the conversion from APC/C:Cdc20 to APC/C:Cdh1 in late anaphase. Phosphorylation of both the APC/C complex and Cdh1 regulate this conversion. During mitosis, several APC/C subunits are phosphorylated increasing the activity of APC/C:Cdc20. However, phosphorylation of Cdh1 by mitotic Cyclin:Cdk complexes prevents it from activating the APC/C. Dephosphorylation of Cdh1 in late anaphase by Cdc14a results in the activation of APC/C:Cdh1 (reviewed in Castro et al, 2005).

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