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GAB1 signalosome (R-HSA-180292) [Homo sapiens]


GAB1 is recruited to the activated EGFR indirectly, through GRB2. GAB1 acts as an adaptor protein that enables formation of an active PIK3, through recruitment of PIK3 regulatory subunit PIK3R1 (also known as PI3Kp85), which subsequently recruits PIK3 catalytic subunit PIK3CA (also known as PI3Kp110). PIK3, in complex with EGFR, GRB2 and GAB1, catalyzes phosphorylation of PIP2 and its conversion to PIP3, which leads to the activation of the AKT signaling.

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BioModels Database BIOMD0000000175, BIOMD0000000468, BIOMD0000000465, BIOMD0000000137, BIOMD0000000424, BIOMD0000000255, BIOMD0000000427