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Extension of pseudopodia by myosin-X in a PI3K dependent manner (R-HSA-1861595) [Homo sapiens]


Myosin-X (Myosin 10) is one of the downstream effectors of PI3K in FCGR-phagocytosis and is involved in pseudopod extension and closure of phagocytic cups. It is recruited to the forming phagosome by binding, through its second PH domain to membrane PIP3, a major product of PI3-kinase (Cox et al. 2002). Myosin-X may act as a motor to transport membrane cargo molecules to the forming pseudopods, influencing actin dynamics. It is not understood with certainty how myosin X contributes to the mechanism of pseudopod extension. It selectively binds to actin bundle such that each head may bind, in an ATP-sensitive manner, to two adjacent actin filaments within the actin bundle. Myosin X hydrolyze ATP and converts this chemical energy to mechanical energy moving toward the plus end/barbed end of the actin filament facing towards the tip of the growing pseudopods (Araki 2006, Chavrier 2003, Watanabe et al 2010).

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Compartment plasma membrane , cytosol
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Myosin-X dimer motor activity (0003774)  
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