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gamma-secretase cleaves the p75NTR transmembrane domain

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Homo sapiens
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Within early endosomes, p75NTR C-Terminal Fragment undergoes processing by gamma-secretase, a complex composed of a presenilin homodimer (PSEN1 or PSEN2), nicastrin (NCSTN), APH1 (APH1A or APH1B) and PEN2. Such a minimal complex is sufficient for secretase activity, although other components may exist. The p75NTR cleavage by gamma-secretase gives rise to a 20-kD ICD (IntraCellular Domain) fragment, and to a small peptide, the significance of which is unknown but that is analogous to the A-beta peptides generated from amyloid precursor protein. p75NTR ICD may have cytoplasmic and nuclear signalling functions and it is unstable.

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endopeptidase activity of gamma-secretase complex [plasma membrane] gamma-secretase complex [plasma membrane] endopeptidase activity (0004175)
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