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WAS (R-HSA-201879) [Homo sapiens]

Reference Gene Product
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Additional Information
External reference name WAS
External reference id P42768
Compartment cytosol
Other Identifiers
 0002340438  11721694_x_at  1CEE  1EJ5  1T84
 205400_at  2A3Z  2K42  2OT0  38963_i_at
 38964_r_at  64315_r_at  7454  A0A024QYX8  A_23_P96331
 AAA60381  AAA62663  AAC50140  AAD26691  AAH02961
 AAH12738  AF115549  AF196970  BC002961  BC012738
 CAB004290  CCDS14303  CH471224  EAW50758  EAW50759
 ENSG00000015285  ENSP00000365891  ENST00000376701  EntrezGene:7454  g4507908_3p_s_at
 GE88130  HGNC:12731  HPA002022  Hs.2157  ILMN_1760027
 IPR000095  IPR000697  IPR003124  IPR011993  LRG_125
 LRG_125t1  MIM:300392  NM_000377  NP_000368  OTTHUMP00000032395
 PF00568  PF00786  PF02205  PH_hs_0000284  R-HSA-1280218
 R-HSA-162582  R-HSA-168249  R-HSA-168256  R-HSA-194315  R-HSA-195258
 R-HSA-202403  R-HSA-202433  R-HSA-2029480  R-HSA-2029482  R-HSA-5663213
 SM00246  SM00285  SM00461  U12707  U12707_s_at
 U18935  U19927  uc004dkm.5  UPI000003CA0A  WAS
 WAS-007  XM_011543977  XP_011542279
Secondary Identifiers WASP_HUMAN, Q9BU11, Q9UNJ9
Gene Names WAS, IMD2
Chain initiator methionine:1, chain:2-502
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 7454
CTD Gene 7454
BioGPS Gene 7454
NCBI Gene 7454
ENSEMBL ENSG00000015285
Orphanet 15715
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000377
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000368
DOCK Blaster 2A3Z, 2K42, 2OT0, 1EJ5, 1T84, 1CEE
PRO P42768
GeneCards P42768
UCSC human P42768
Protein Data Bank 2A3Z, 2K42, 2OT0, 1EJ5, 1T84, 1CEE
Confidence Score Interactor Accession Interactor Name Evidence
0.922 P60953 CDC42_HUMAN 12
0.898 O43516 WIPF1_HUMAN 16
0.718 P08631 HCK_HUMAN 9
0.696 P06241 FYN_HUMAN 4
0.666 Q9P2A4 ABI3_HUMAN 4
0.656 P42768 WASP_HUMAN 3
0.636 O15143 ARC1B_HUMAN 3
0.609 Q05209 PTN12_HUMAN 2
0.571 P16333 NCK1_HUMAN 3
0.556 Q92624 APBP2_HUMAN 3
0.556 O94875 SRBS2_HUMAN 3
0.556 O43639 NCK2_HUMAN 3
0.544 P08103 HCK_MOUSE 3
0.469 P62999 RAC1_CANLF 2
0.463 Q14247 SRC8_HUMAN 3
0.463 O43586 PPIP1_HUMAN 2