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AGT(34-43) (R-HSA-2022346)

Species Homo sapiens

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Metabolism of proteins(Homo sapiens)

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Additional Information
External reference name AGT
External reference id P01019
Synonyms Angiotensin-(1-10), Angiotensin I, Angiotensin-1, ANGT_HUMAN, AGT
Compartment extracellular region
Other Identifiers 0004850273, 11730726_s_at, 11749833_s_at, 183, 1N9U, 1N9V, 202834_at, 2JP8, 2WXW, 2X0B, 3CK0, 3WOO, 3WOR, 4AA1, 4APH, 4FYS, 684_at, A_23_P115261, AAA51679, AAA51731, AAA52282, AAD14287, AAD14288, AAH11519, ACA05910, AGT, AGT-001, B0ZBE2, BC011519, CAA33385, CCDS1585, CH471098, EAW69918, EAW69919, ENSG00000135744, ENSP00000355627, ENST00000366667, EntrezGene:183, EU326304, g4557286_3p_at, GE80879, HGNC:333, HPA001557, ILMN_1813530, ILMN_1815242, IPR000227, IPR023795, IPR023796, K02215, K02215_at, M24686, M24687, M24688, M24689, M69110, MIM:106150, MIM:145500, MIM:267430, NM_000029, NP_000020, OTTHUMP00000035878, PF00079, PH_hs_0022023, PR00654, R-HSA-1430728, R-HSA-162582, R-HSA-1989781, R-HSA-2022377, R-HSA-2980736, R-HSA-372790, R-HSA-373076, R-HSA-375276, R-HSA-388396, R-HSA-392499, R-HSA-400206, R-HSA-416476, R-HSA-418594, R-HSA-500792, R-HSA-535734, R-HSA-556833, R-HSA-881907, S78529, S78530, SM00093, uc001hty.6, UPI0000125B13, X15324, X15325, X15326, X15327
Secondary Identifiers ANGT_HUMAN, Q16358, Q16359, Q96F91
Gene Names AGT, SERPINA8
Chain signal peptide:1-33, chain:34-485, peptide:34-43, peptide:34-42, peptide:34-41, peptide:34-40, peptide:34-38, peptide:34-37, peptide:35-41, peptide:36-41
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 183
CTD Gene 183
BioGPS Gene 183
NCBI Gene 183
ENSEMBL ENSG00000135744
KEGG Gene 183
Orphanet 15475
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000029
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000020
DOCK Blaster 1N9U, 1N9V, 2JP8, 2WXW, 2X0B, 3CK0, 3WOO, 3WOR, 4AA1, 4FYS, 4APH
HMDB_protein HMDBP02609
PRO P01019
GeneCards P01019
UCSC human P01019
Protein Data Bank 1N9U, 1N9V, 2JP8, 2WXW, 2X0B, 3CK0, 3WOO, 3WOR, 4AA1, 4FYS, 4APH