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Renin:Prorenin Receptor hydrolyzes Angiotensinogen to Angiotensin-(1-10) (R-HSA-2022403) [Homo sapiens]


Renin bound to the (pro)renin receptor (ATP6AP2) hydrolyzes angiotensinogen to yield angiotensin-(1-10) (angiotensin I) (Nguyen et al. 2002). Binding to the (pro)renin receptor increases the catalytic efficiency of renin 4-fold (Nguyen et al. 2002). Aliskiren, a drug used clinically to treat hypertension, inhibits cleavage of angiotensinogen by renin (Gossas et al. 2011, Wood et al. 2003, reviewed in Gerc et al. 2009).

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Compartment extracellular region , plasma membrane
GO Biological Process angiotensin maturation (0002003)
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Renin:Prorenin Receptor aspartic-type endopeptidase activity (0004190)
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