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ACE hydrolyzes Angiotensin-(1-10) to Angiotensin-(1-8) (R-HSA-2022405) [Homo sapiens]


Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) hydrolyzes angiotensin-(1-10) (angiotensin I) to yield angiotensin-(1-8) (angiotensin II) (Ehlers and Kirsch 1988). ACE is found at the plasma membrane of endothelial cells. This reaction is inhibited by drugs used to treat hypertension (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, ACEI) including captopril (Gronhagen-Riska and Fyhrquist 1980, Stewart et al. 1981, Ehlers et al. 1986, Hayakari et al. 1989, Wei et al. 1991, Baudin and Beneteau-Burnat 1999), enalaprilat (metablized from the prodrug enalapril, Wei et al. 1991, Baudin and Beneteau-Burnat 1999), lisinopril ( Ehlers et al. 1991, Natesh et al. 2003), and ramiprilat (metabolized from the prodrug ramipril, Baudin and Beneteau-Burnat 1999).

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Compartment extracellular region , plasma membrane
GO Biological Process angiotensin maturation (0002003)
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ACE(30-1306) metallodipeptidase activity (0070573)  
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