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Translocation of CARMA1 to Plasma membrane (R-HSA-202394) [Homo sapiens]


CARMA1 and Bcl10 are the possible link between PKC theta and IKK activation. PDK1 is also required for PKC theta mediated activation of IKK. CARMA1 has a N-terminal CARD motif, a coiled coiled region, a linker region, and a MAGUK-typical PDZ, SH3 and a GUK domains. The linker region is proposed to contain a hinge region and a CARD binding domain. CARMA1 exists in an inactive conformation in which the linker region binds to and blocks the accessibility of the CARD motif. CARMA1 is recruited to the plasma membrane by binding to the 'PxxP' motif of membrane bound PDK1 with its SH3 domain.

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Compartment cytosol , plasma membrane
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