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Translocation of TRAF6 to CBM complex (R-HSA-202472) [Homo sapiens]


TRAF6, which plays central role in innate immune responses, is implicated as proximal downstream effector of MALT1. TRAF6 is a member of the TRAF proteins. It contains an N-term RING domain, followed by several Zn finger domains and C-term MATH domain. The MALT1 oligomers bind to TRAF6, induce TRAF6 oligomerization and thereby activate the ubiquitin ligase activity of TRAF6 to polyubiquitinate itself and NEMO.

Additional Information
Compartment cytosol , plasma membrane
Literature References
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15125833 The TRAF6 ubiquitin ligase and TAK1 kinase mediate IKK activation by BCL10 and MALT1 in T lymphocytes Mol Cell 2004