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Ubiquitination of NEMO by TRAF6

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Homo sapiens
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During the phosphorylation of the IKK beta, the regulatory subunit NEMO undergoes K-63-linked polyubiquitination. Ubiquitinated TRAF6 trimer, acts as a E3 ligase and induces this ubiquitination. The ubiquitin target sites in NEMO are not yet clearly identified. Studies of different NF-kB signaling pathways revealed several potential ubiquitination sites on NEMO (e.g., K285, K277, K309 and K399) (Fuminori et al. 2009).

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ubiquitin-protein transferase activity of Ub-TRAF6 trimer bound to CBM complex [plasma membrane] Ub-TRAF6 trimer bound to CBM complex [plasma membrane] ubiquitin-protein transferase activity (0004842)
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