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Mast Cell Carboxypeptidase hydrolyzes Angiotensin-(1-10) to Yield Angiotensin-(1-9) (R-HSA-2028294) [Homo sapiens]


Mast cell carboxypeptidase (CPA3) hydrolyzes a single amino acid residue from the C-terminus of angiotensin-(1-10) (angiotensin I) to yield angiotensin-(1-9).

Additional Information
Compartment extracellular region
GO Biological Process angiotensin maturation (0002003)
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Catalyst Activity
PhysicalEntity Activity Active Units
Carboxypeptidase metallocarboxypeptidase activity (0004181)  
Literature References
pubMedId Title Journal Year
2708524 Human mast cell carboxypeptidase. Purification and characterization J Clin Invest 1989
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