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PECAM1 interactions

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Homo sapiens
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PECAM-1/CD31 is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF) and has been implicated to mediate the adhesion and trans-endothelial migration of T-lymphocytes into the vascular wall, T cell activation and angiogenesis. It has six Ig homology domains within its extracellularly and an ITIM motif within its cytoplasmic region. PECAM-1 mediates cellular interactions by both homophilic and heterophilic interactions. The cytoplasmic domain of PECAM-1 contains tyrosine residues which serves as docking sites for recruitment of cytosolic signaling molecules. Under conditions of platelet activation, PECAM-1 is phosphorylated by Src kinase members. The tyrosine residues 663 and 686 are required for recruitment of the SH2 domain containing PTPs.

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