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CYP4F22 (R-HSA-211056)

Species Homo sapiens

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Metabolism(Homo sapiens)

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Additional Information
External reference name CYP4F22
External reference id Q6NT55
Synonyms Cytochrome P450 4F22
Compartment endoplasmic reticulum membrane
Other Identifiers 11733532_at, 11733533_at, 126410, 244692_at, 91481_at, A_24_P331150, AAH69351, AAH93894, AAH93896, AK096820, BAC04868, BC069351, BC093894, BC093896, CCDS12331, CYP4F22, CYP4F22-002, CYP4F22-201, ENSG00000171954, ENSP00000269703, ENSP00000469866, ENST00000269703, ENST00000601005, EntrezGene:126410, GE85609, HGNC:26820, HPA029875, HPA058960, Hs.156452, Hs.156452.0.A1_3p_at, ILMN_1708303, IPR001128, IPR002401, IPR017972, MIM:604777, MIM:611495, NM_173483, NP_775754, OTTHUMP00000269342, PF00067, PH_hs_0009443, PR00385, PR00463, R-HSA-1430728, R-HSA-1643685, R-HSA-211859, R-HSA-211897, R-HSA-211935, R-HSA-211945, R-HSA-211958, R-HSA-211979, R-HSA-2142691, R-HSA-2142753, R-HSA-556833, R-HSA-5579005, R-HSA-5579029, R-HSA-5668914, uc002nbh.5, uc060uuh.1, UPI000013D84B, XM_011527693, XP_011525994, XP_011525995
Secondary Identifiers CP4FN_HUMAN, Q8N8H4
Gene Names CYP4F22
Chain chain:1-531
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 126410
CTD Gene 126410
BioGPS Gene 126410
NCBI Gene 126410
ENSEMBL ENSG00000171954
KEGG Gene 126410
Orphanet 17438
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_173483
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_775754
HMDB_protein HMDBP08640
GeneCards Q6NT55
UCSC human Q6NT55