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LAMA2 (R-HSA-215955)

Species Homo sapiens

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Extracellular matrix organization(Homo sapiens)

Additional Information
External reference name LAMA2
External reference id P24043
Synonyms Laminin alpha-2 chain
Compartment extracellular region
Other Identifiers 0004050039, 11754429_a_at, 205116_at, 213519_s_at, 216840_s_at, 36917_at, 3908, 4YEP, 4YEQ, A_14_P116404, AAA63215, AAB18388, AL356124, AL445439, AL513527, AL583853, AL589927, AL590613, AL669984, CAA81394, CAB040310, CAH70492, CAH70771, CAH72952, CAI15185, CAI16682, CAI22470, CCDS5138, ENSG00000196569, ENSP00000400365, ENST00000421865, EntrezGene:3908, g4557708_3p_s_at, GE60382, HGNC:6482, Hs.200841, ILMN_1788019, ILMN_2339266, IPR000034, IPR000742, IPR001791, IPR002049, IPR008211, IPR009254, IPR010307, IPR013320, LAMA2, LAMA2-001, LRG_409, LRG_409t1, M59832, MIM:156225, MIM:607855, NM_000426, NM_001079823, NP_000417, NP_001073291, OTTHUMP00000017189, PF00052, PF00053, PF00054, PF00055, PF02210, PF06008, PF06009, PH_hs_0026024, PR00011, R-HSA-1474244, R-HSA-3000157, R-HSA-3000171, R-HSA-3000178, SM00136, SM00180, SM00181, SM00281, SM00282, U66733, U66734, U66735, U66736, U66737, U66738, U66739, U66740, U66741, U66742, U66743, U66745, U66746, U66747, U66748, U66749, U66750, U66751, U66752, U66753, U66754, U66755, U66756, U66757, U66758, U66759, U66760, U66761, U66762, U66763, U66764, U66765, U66766, U66768, U66769, U66770, U66771, U66772, U66773, U66774, U66775, U66776, U66777, U66778, U66779, U66780, U66781, U66782, U66783, U66784, U66785, U66786, U66787, U66788, U66789, U66790, U66791, U66792, U66793, U66794, U66795, U66796, uc063rgy.1, UPI00003673E0, Z26653, Z26653_at
Secondary Identifiers LAMA2_HUMAN, Q14736, Q5VUM2, Q93022
Gene Names LAMA2, LAMM
Chain signal peptide:1-22, chain:23-3122
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 3908
CTD Gene 3908
BioGPS Gene 3908
NCBI Gene 3908
ENSEMBL ENSG00000196569
KEGG Gene 3908
Orphanet 16332
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000426
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000417, NP_001073291
DOCK Blaster 4YEP, 4YEQ
PRO P24043
GeneCards P24043
UCSC human P24043
Protein Data Bank 4YEP, 4YEQ
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