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NEXT1 PEST domain mutants are cleaved to produce NICD1 PEST domain mutants (R-HSA-2220988) [Homo sapiens]


NEXT1 PEST domain mutant fragments are expected to be cleaved by the gamma-secretase complex at the S3 site in a similar manner to wild-type NEXT1 (Schroeter et al. 1998, De Strooper et al. 1999, Huppert et al. 2000, Fortini 2002, Rustighi et al. 2009).

Additional Information
Compartment cytosol , plasma membrane
Catalyst Activity
PhysicalEntity Activity Active Units
gamma-secretase complex aspartic-type endopeptidase activity (0004190)
Name Identifier Synonyms
T-cell leukemia 715
cancer 162 [malignant tumor, malignant neoplasm, primary cancer]