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GlcGalHyl-COL2A1(26-1487) (R-HSA-2268713)

Species Homo sapiens

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Additional Information
External reference name COL2A1
External reference id P02458
Synonyms Glu-Gal-Hyl collagen alpha-1(II) propeptide, Collagen type II alpha 1 chain
Compartment extracellular region
Other Identifiers 0002260373, 0005130121, 11757309_a_at, 1280, 1U5M, 213492_at, 217404_s_at, 2FSE, 2SEB, 37605_at, 598_at, 85915_at, A_23_P500464, AAA51997, AAA52038, AAA52039, AAA52051, AAA58428, AAA73873, AAB60370, AAC41772, AAD15287, AAH07252, AAI16450, AAP35869, AC004801, BC007252, BC116449, BT007205, CAA25092, CAA26223, CAA26224, CAA26225, CAA26226, CAA26227, CAA29604, CAA32030, CAA34278, CAA34279, CAA34280, CAA34281, CAA34282, CAA34283, CAA34284, CAA34488, CAA34683, CAA40330, CAB002214, CCDS41778, CCDS8759, COL2A1, COL2A1-001, COL2A1-008, ENSG00000139219, ENSP00000338213, ENSP00000369889, ENST00000337299, ENST00000380518, EntrezGene:1280, GE57600, HGNC:2200, HPA045939, Hs.408182, Hs.81343.0.S2_3p_at, Hs.81343.1.S1_3p_a_at, ILMN_1674785, ILMN_1686538, ILMN_1742840, IPR000885, IPR001007, IPR008160, J00116, J00116_s_at, L00977, L10347, M12048, M25655, M25656, M25698, M25728, M25730, M27468, M32168, M60299, M60299_at, M63281, M64345, MIM:108300, MIM:120140, MIM:132450, MIM:150600, MIM:151210, MIM:156550, MIM:183900, MIM:184250, MIM:200610, MIM:271700, MIM:604864, MIM:608805, MIM:609162, MIM:609508, NM_001844, NM_033150, NP_001835, NP_149162, OTTHUMP00000195063, OTTHUMP00000195071, PF00093, PF01391, PF01410, PH_hs_0024730, R-HSA-1266738, R-HSA-1442490, R-HSA-1474228, R-HSA-1474244, R-HSA-1474290, R-HSA-162582, R-HSA-1650814, R-HSA-186797, R-HSA-2022090, R-HSA-216083, R-HSA-3000171, R-HSA-3000178, R-HSA-375165, R-HSA-419037, R-HSA-422475, SM00038, SM00214, U15195, uc001rqu.4, uc001rqv.4, UPI0000246C60, UPI0000D79713, X00339, X02371, X02372, X02373, X02374, X02375, X02376, X02377, X02378, X06268, X06268_at, X13783, X16158, X16468, X16711, X57010, X58709, XM_011537929, XM_011537930, XM_011537931, XM_011537933, XP_006719305, XP_011536230, XP_011536231, XP_011536232, XP_011536233, XP_011536234, XP_011536235, XP_011536236
Secondary Identifiers CO2A1_HUMAN, A6NGA0, Q12985, Q14009, Q14044, Q14045, Q14046, Q14047, Q14056, Q14058, Q16672, Q1JQ82, Q2V4X7, Q6LBY1, Q6LBY2, Q6LBY3, Q96IT5, Q99227, Q9UE38, Q9UE39, Q9UE40, Q9UE41, Q9UE42, Q9UE43
Gene Names COL2A1
Chain signal peptide:1-25, propeptide:26-181, chain:182-1241, chain:1242-1487
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 1280
CTD Gene 1280
BioGPS Gene 1280
NCBI Gene 1280
ENSEMBL ENSG00000139219
KEGG Gene 1280
Orphanet 15769
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_001844
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_001835, NP_149162
DOCK Blaster 1U5M, 2SEB, 2FSE
PRO P02458
GeneCards P02458
UCSC human P02458
Protein Data Bank 1U5M, 2SEB, 2FSE
Name Coordinate Modification PsiMod Name PsiMod Identifier PsiMod Definition
O5-glucosylgalactosyl-L-hydroxylysine at unknown position O5-glucosylgalactosyl-L-hydroxylysine 00162 A protein modification that effectively converts an L-lysine residue to O5-glucosylgalactosyl-L-hydroxylysine.