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Laminins bind galactosyl sulfatide and related sulfated glycolipids (R-HSA-2396083) [Homo sapiens]


Sulfated glycolipids (SGs) such as the sulfatides bind strongly to the LG domains of laminin (Roberts et al. 1985, 1986, Ishizuka 1997). The most common SG, HSO3-3galactosylBeta-1ceramide (galactosyl-3-sulfate ceramide or sulfatide) is highly expressed in developing and adult peripheral nerves (Mirsky et al. 1990), Schwann cells, kidney and other tissues. SGs are thought to mediate or enhance the cell surface anchorage of laminins, possibly by allowing the short arms to bind the cell surface in addition to the LG domains (Li et al. 2005, Yurchenko & Patton 2009).

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Compartment extracellular region , plasma membrane
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