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Activation of gene expression by SREBF (SREBP) (R-HSA-2426168) [Homo sapiens]


After transiting to the nucleus SREBPs (SREBP1A/1C/2, SREBFs) bind short sequences, sterol regulatory elements (SREs), in the promoters of target genes (reviewed in Eberle et al. 2004, Weber et al. 2004). SREBPs alone are relatively weak activators of transcription, with SREBP1C being significantly weaker than SREBP1A or SREBP2. In combination with other transcription factors such as SP1 and NF-Y the SREBPs are much stronger activators. SREBP1C seems to more specifically target genes involved in fatty acid synthesis while SREBP2 seems to target genes involved in cholesterol synthesis (Pai et al. 1998).

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