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Laminins:Nidogens binds collagen type IV networks (R-HSA-2426450) [Homo sapiens]


Laminin-bound nidogens can bind to type IV collagen (Aumailey et al. 1989, 1993, Fox et al. 1991, Reinhardt et al. 1993, Ries et al. 2001, Bechtel et al. 2012).

Basement membrane formation involves self-assembly of laminin and of collagen IV into two independent networks (Yurchenco & Schittny 1990, Timpl & Brown 1996) that are connected by nidogen (Fox et al. 1991, Aumailley & Smyth 1998, Aumailey et al. 2000) and the heparan sulfate chains of both perlecan and agrin (Hohenester & Yurchenko 2013).

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