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DSCAM (Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule) is one of the members of the Ig superfamily CAMs with a domain architecture comprising 10 Ig domains, 6 fibronectin type III (FN) repeats, a single transmembrane and a C terminal cytoplasmic domain. DSCAM is implicated in Down syndrome (DS) due to the chromosomal location of the DSCAM gene, but no evidence supports a direct involvement of DSCAM with DS. It likely functions as a cell surface receptor mediating axon pathfinding. Besides these important implications, little is known about the physiological function or the molecular mechanism of DSCAM signal transduction in mammalian systems. A closely related DSCAM paralogue Down syndrome cell adhesion moleculelike protein 1 (DSCAML1) is present in humans. Both these proteins are involved in homophilic intercellular interactions.

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