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STK11(1-433) (R-HSA-380954)

Species Homo sapiens

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Signal Transduction(Homo sapiens)

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Additional Information
External reference name STK11
External reference id Q15831
Compartment cytosol
Other Identifiers 0005050725, 11735699_x_at, 204292_x_at, 231017_at, 2WTK, 41657_at, 6794, 86312_at, A_23_P16483, A_24_P159866, A_33_P3389148, AAB05809, AAB97833, AAC15742, AAC39527, AAH07981, AAH19334, AC004221, AC011544, AF032984, AF035625, AF055320, AF055321, AF055322, AF055323, AF055324, AF055325, AF055326, AF055327, AK314858, BAG37374, BC007981, BC019334, CAB016231, CAB022105, CCDS45896, CH471139, EAW69540, ENSG00000118046, ENSP00000324856, ENST00000326873, EntrezGene:6794, g4507270_3p_s_at, GE60471, HGNC:11389, HPA017254, Hs.155647.0.S1_3p_at, ILMN_1751871, LRG_319, LRG_319t1, MIM:175200, MIM:273300, MIM:602216, NM_000455, NP_000446, OTTHUMP00000263382, PF00069, PH_hs_0015564, REACT_111102, REACT_111217, REACT_1195, REACT_150203, REACT_150210, REACT_150359, REACT_1505, REACT_1988, REACT_21285, REACT_21387, REACT_332, REACT_456, REACT_498, REACT_6838, REACT_762, REACT_976, SM00220, STK11, STK11-001, U63333, uc002lrl.1, UPI0000136105, XM_005259617, XP_005259674
Secondary Identifiers STK11_HUMAN, B2RBX7, E7EW76
Gene Names STK11, LKB1, PJS
Chain chain:1-430, propeptide:431-433
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 6794
CTD Gene 6794
BioGPS Gene 6794
NCBI Gene 6794
ENSEMBL ENSG00000118046
KEGG Gene 6794
Orphanet 15565
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000455
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000446
ZINC_target Q15831
DOCK Blaster 2WTK
HMDB_protein HMDBP01530
PRO Q15831
GeneCards Q15831
UCSC human Q15831
Protein Data Bank 2WTK