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PALB2 (R-HSA-419548)

Species Homo sapiens

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DNA Repair(Homo sapiens)

Additional Information
External reference name PALB2
External reference id Q86YC2
Synonyms Partner and localizer of BRCA2
Compartment nucleoplasm
Other Identifiers 0004480538, 11722944_at, 219530_at, 2W18, 3EU7, 47111_at, 79728, A_23_P129569, AAH44254, AC008870, AK025469, AK097533, AL834425, BAB15140, BAC05090, BC044254, CAB014895, CAD39086, CAH18431, CCDS32406, CH471145, CR749637, EAW55813, ENSG00000083093, ENSP00000261584, ENST00000261584, EntrezGene:79728, g13375939_3p_at, GE87453, HGNC:26144, HPA057000, Hs.444664, ILMN_1723793, IPR017986, LRG_308, LRG_308t1, MIM:114480, MIM:227650, MIM:610355, MIM:610832, MIM:613348, NM_024675, NP_078951, OTTHUMP00000255811, PALB2, PALB2-001, PH_hs_0025983, R-HSA-419524, R-HSA-73894, uc002dlx.2, UPI000000DA86, XM_011545948, XP_011544248, XP_011544250
Secondary Identifiers PALB2_HUMAN, A6NIE1, Q8N7Y6, Q8ND31, Q9H6W1
Gene Names PALB2, FANCN
Chain chain:1-1186
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 79728
CTD Gene 79728
BioGPS Gene 79728
NCBI Gene 79728
ENSEMBL ENSG00000083093
KEGG Gene 79728
Orphanet 16873
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_024675
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_078951
DOCK Blaster 2W18, 3EU7
GeneCards Q86YC2
UCSC human Q86YC2
Protein Data Bank 2W18, 3EU7