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GRIN2B (R-HSA-419558) [Homo sapiens]

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External reference name GRIN2B
External reference id Q13224
Synonyms Glutamate (NMDA) receptor subunit epsilon-2
Compartment plasma membrane
Other Identifiers
 0002350070  0104060332  11737021_at  11737022_at  1S11
 1S2S  210411_s_at  210412_at  239095_at  2904
 2IPV  32489_at  51319_at  A_19_P00809362  A_23_P151264
 A_32_P144072  AAA69919  AAA69920  AAA74930  AAB49993
 AAB60368  AAD00659  AAI13619  AAI13621  BC113618
 BC113620  CCDS8662  ENSG00000273079  ENSP00000477455  ENST00000609686
 EntrezGene:2904  g1899201_3p_a_at  g560546_3p_at  GE58237  GE756458
 GRIN2B  GRIN2B-001  HGNC:4586  HPA069762  Hs.292597.0.A1_3p_at
 ILMN_1884244  ILMN_1908923  ILMN_3307714  IPR001320  IPR001508
 IPR001638  IPR001828  IPR018884  IPR019594  IPR028082
 MIM:138252  NM_000834  NP_000825  OTTHUMP00000174410  PF00060
 PF00497  PF01094  PF10565  PH_hs_0000159  PH_hs_0030592
 PR00177  R-HSA-112314  R-HSA-112315  R-HSA-112316  R-HSA-112399
 R-HSA-112412  R-HSA-1227986  R-HSA-1236394  R-HSA-1250196  R-HSA-1250347
 R-HSA-1266738  R-HSA-1280215  R-HSA-1433557  R-HSA-162582  R-HSA-166520
 R-HSA-167044  R-HSA-168249  R-HSA-168256  R-HSA-169893  R-HSA-170968
 R-HSA-170984  R-HSA-177929  R-HSA-179812  R-HSA-180336  R-HSA-186763
 R-HSA-186797  R-HSA-187037  R-HSA-187687  R-HSA-187706  R-HSA-190236
 R-HSA-194138  R-HSA-1963640  R-HSA-2172127  R-HSA-2404192  R-HSA-2424491
 R-HSA-2428924  R-HSA-2428928  R-HSA-2454202  R-HSA-2586552  R-HSA-2682334
 R-HSA-2871796  R-HSA-372790  R-HSA-375165  R-HSA-3928662  R-HSA-422475
 R-HSA-438064  R-HSA-438066  R-HSA-4420097  R-HSA-442729  R-HSA-442742
 R-HSA-442755  R-HSA-442982  R-HSA-449147  R-HSA-451927  R-HSA-512988
 R-HSA-5218921  R-HSA-5654687  R-HSA-5654693  R-HSA-5654696  R-HSA-5654700
 R-HSA-5654706  R-HSA-5654708  R-HSA-5654712  R-HSA-5654716  R-HSA-5654736
 R-HSA-5654738  R-HSA-5654741  R-HSA-5654743  R-HSA-5673001  R-HSA-5683057
 R-HSA-5684996  R-HSA-74751  R-HSA-74752  R-HSA-881907  R-HSA-912526
 SM00079  SM00918  U11287  U11287_at  U28758
 U28758_s_at  U28861  U28862  U88963  U90278
 uc001rbt.3  UPI000013026C  XM_005253351  XM_011520628  XM_011520629
 XM_011520630  XP_005253408  XP_011518930  XP_011518931  XP_011518932
Secondary Identifiers NMDE2_HUMAN, Q12919, Q13220, Q13225, Q14CU4, Q9UM56
Gene Names GRIN2B, NMDAR2B
Chain signal peptide:1-26, chain:27-1484
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 2904
CTD Gene 2904
BioGPS Gene 2904
NCBI Gene 2904
ENSEMBL ENSG00000273079
Orphanet 20146
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000834
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000825
ZINC_target Q13224
DOCK Blaster 2IPV, 1S11, 1S2S
HMDB_protein HMDBP01644
PRO Q13224
GeneCards Q13224
UCSC human Q13224
Protein Data Bank 2IPV, 1S11, 1S2S
Inferred Entries
Inferred to
Confidence Score Interactor Accession Interactor Name Evidence
0.602 Q9UQM7 KCC2A_HUMAN 3
0.558 Q62936 DLG3_RAT 4
0.558 P31016 DLG4_RAT 2
0.558 P78352 DLG4_HUMAN 2
0.502 P62139 PP1A_RABIT 2
0.488 Q5TCQ9 MAGI3_HUMAN 2