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GHRHR (R-HSA-420079)

Species Homo sapiens

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Signal Transduction(Homo sapiens)
Additional Information
External reference name GHRHR
External reference id Q02643
Synonyms Growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor
Compartment plasma membrane
Other Identifiers 0005220368, 1123_at, 11735863_a_at, 11742326_a_at, 11742327_x_at, 11753253_a_at, 207825_s_at, 211544_s_at, 2692, 2XDG, A0A090N8Y6, A_14_P127277, A_23_P8497, A_33_P3232655, AAA35890, AAA58619, AAB37758, AAC23789, AACC02000087, AAS59864, AB065701, AC005155, AY557192, BAC05924, CCDS5432, CH471073, EAL24445, EAW93977, ENSG00000106128, ENSP00000320180, ENST00000326139, EntrezGene:2692, g4503996_3p_a_at, GE480464, GHRHR, GHRHR-001, GHRHRpsv, HGNC:4266, Hs.767, ILMN_1714884, ILMN_1740186, IPR000832, IPR001771, IPR001879, IPR003288, IPR017981, L01406, L01406_at, L09237, MIM:139191, MIM:612781, NM_000823, NP_000814, OTTHUMP00000202460, PF00002, PF02793, PH_hs_0000090, PH_hs_0044656, PR00249, PR01154, PR01352, REACT_111102, REACT_116125, REACT_14797, REACT_18372, REACT_18377, REACT_19184, REACT_19327, REACT_21340, REACT_267615, REACT_267874, SM00008, U42222, U42223, U42224, U42225, uc003tbx.3, UPI0000061EE1
Secondary Identifiers GHRHR_HUMAN, Q99863
Gene Names GHRHR
Chain signal peptide:1-22, chain:23-423
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 2692
CTD Gene 2692
BioGPS Gene 2692
NCBI Gene 2692
ENSEMBL ENSG00000106128
KEGG Gene 2692
Orphanet 16123
OMIM 262400
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000823
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_001009824, NP_000814
PRO Q02643
GeneCards Q02643
UCSC human Q02643
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