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ATP2A2 (R-HSA-427903) [Homo sapiens]

Reference Gene Product
Other forms of this molecule
Additional Information
External reference name ATP2A2
External reference id P16615
Synonyms Sarcoplasmic/endoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase 2
Compartment platelet dense tubular network membrane
Other Identifiers
 0003390528  0003850129  0005900082  11718873_a_at  11718874_s_at
 11740332_a_at  11754302_a_at  11758558_s_at  209186_at  212361_s_at
 239996_3p_x_at  239996_x_at  39790_at  39791_at  488
 79971_r_at  A_14_P112250  A_14_P119331  A_24_P141786  A_24_P73290
 AAA52757  AAA52758  AAA53193  AAA53194  AAH35588
 AAO47398  AC006088  AK293877  ATP2A2  ATP2A2-001
 ATP2A2-003  AY186578  BAG57266  BC035588  CCDS9143
 CCDS9144  ENSG00000174437  ENSP00000311186  ENSP00000440045  ENST00000308664
 ENST00000539276  EntrezGene:488  g184100_3p_s_at  GE86414  HGNC:812
 HPA062605  HPA067892  Hs.1526.2.S2_3p_a_at  Hs.205454.0.A1_3p_at  Hs.205454.0.A1_3p_x_at
 ILMN_1655884  ILMN_1687375  ILMN_1815666  IPR001757  IPR004014
 IPR005782  IPR006068  IPR008250  IPR018303  IPR023214
 IPR023299  M23114  M23114_at  M23115  M23116
 M23278  MIM:108740  NM_001681  NM_170665  NP_001672
 NP_733765  OTTHUMP00000240820  OTTHUMP00000240822  PF00122  PF00689
 PF00690  PF00702  PF13246  PH_hs_0024236  PH_hs_0044545
 PR00119  PR00120  R-HSA-109582  R-HSA-157118  R-HSA-162582
 R-HSA-1912420  R-HSA-1912422  R-HSA-382551  R-HSA-418346  R-HSA-418359
 R-HSA-418360  R-HSA-936837  R-HSA-983712  SM00831  uc001tqk.5
 uc001tql.5  UPI0000001C3A  UPI000002A42A  XM_005253888  XM_011538402
 XP_005253945  XP_011536704
Secondary Identifiers AT2A2_HUMAN, A6NDN7, B4DF05, P16614, Q86VJ2
Gene Names ATP2A2, ATP2B
Chain chain:1-1042
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 488
CTD Gene 488
BioGPS Gene 488
NCBI Gene 488
ENSEMBL ENSG00000174437
Orphanet 15324
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_001681
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_001672, NP_733765
ZINC_target P16615
HMDB_protein HMDBP01470
PRO P16615
GeneCards P16615
UCSC human P16615
Inferred Entries
Inferred to
Confidence Score Interactor Accession Interactor Name Evidence
0.564 P01106 MYC_HUMAN 2
0.558 P41143 OPRD_HUMAN 3
0.527 P00533 EGFR_HUMAN 2
0.527 Q13418 ILK_HUMAN 2
0.527 P27824 CALX_HUMAN 2
0.462 P04578 ENV_HV1H2 2