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VAPB (R-HSA-429718) [Homo sapiens]

Reference Gene Product
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Additional Information
External reference name VAPB
External reference id O95292
Compartment endoplasmic reticulum membrane
Other Identifiers
 0003840048  11717583_s_at  11717584_a_at  11749369_a_at  11758066_s_at
 202549_at  202550_s_at  225923_at  2MDK  3IKK
 40940_at  41757_at  65637_at  9217  A_14_P121711
 A_23_P91293  A_33_P3365586  AAD13577  AAD13578  AAF67013
 AAH01712  AAP88813  AAQ88829  AF086628  AF086629
 AF160212  AK023241  AL035455  AY358464  BAG51174
 BC001712  BT009811  CAB013722  CAC15021  CAM27023
 CCDS33498  CCDS56198  CH471077  EAW75494  EAW75495
 ENSG00000124164  ENSP00000379147  ENSP00000417175  ENST00000395802  ENST00000475243
 EntrezGene:9217  g4759301_3p_a_at  GE54746  GE855235  HGNC:12649
 HPA013144  Hs.159161.2.A1_3p_at  Hs.182625  Hs.182625.0.S3_3p_at  ILMN_1678459
 IPR000535  IPR008962  IPR016763  LRG_656  LRG_656t1
 MIM:605704  NM_001195677  NM_004738  NP_001182606  NP_004729
 OTTHUMP00000031393  OTTHUMP00000174286  PF00635  PH_hs_0010780  Q53XM7
 R-HSA-1430728  R-HSA-1660661  R-HSA-428157  R-HSA-556833  uc002xza.4
 uc002xzd.3  UPI000002B6A0  UPI0000048ED2  VAPB  VAPB-001
Secondary Identifiers VAPB_HUMAN, A2A2F2, O95293, Q9P0H0
Gene Names VAPB, UNQ484/PRO983
Chain initiator methionine:1, chain:2-243
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 9217
CTD Gene 9217
BioGPS Gene 9217
NCBI Gene 9217
ENSEMBL ENSG00000124164
Orphanet 15704
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_004738
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_004729, NP_001182606
DOCK Blaster 2MDK, 3IKK
PRO O95292
GeneCards O95292
UCSC human O95292
Protein Data Bank 2MDK, 3IKK
Inferred Entries
Inferred to
Confidence Score Interactor Accession Interactor Name Evidence
0.599 O95070 YIF1A_HUMAN 9
0.564 Q99MK9 RASF1_MOUSE 2
0.564 Q96SU4 OSBL9_HUMAN 2
0.564 Q3UJU9 RMD3_MOUSE 2
0.564 Q9P0L0 VAPA_HUMAN 2
0.543 Q03463-PRO_0000278740 6
0.527 P48039 MTR1A_HUMAN 2
0.527 P04626 ERBB2_HUMAN 2
0.499 Q03137 EPHA4_MOUSE 2
0.463 Q14849-1 STARD3 2
0.463 Q6PEC3 YIF1B_RAT 2