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VAPB (R-HSA-429718)

Species Homo sapiens

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Metabolism(Homo sapiens)

Additional Information
External reference name VAPB
External reference id O95292
Compartment endoplasmic reticulum membrane
Other Identifiers 0003840048, 11717583_s_at, 11717584_a_at, 11749369_a_at, 11758066_s_at, 202549_at, 202550_s_at, 225923_at, 2MDK, 3IKK, 40940_at, 41757_at, 65637_at, 9217, A_14_P121711, A_23_P91293, A_33_P3365586, AAD13577, AAD13578, AAF67013, AAH01712, AAP88813, AAQ88829, AF086628, AF086629, AF160212, AK023241, AL035455, AY358464, BAG51174, BC001712, BT009811, CAB013722, CAC15021, CAM27023, CCDS33498, CCDS56198, CH471077, EAW75494, EAW75495, ENSG00000124164, ENSP00000379147, ENSP00000417175, ENST00000395802, ENST00000475243, EntrezGene:9217, g4759301_3p_a_at, GE54746, GE855235, HGNC:12649, HPA013144, Hs.159161.2.A1_3p_at, Hs.182625, Hs.182625.0.S3_3p_at, ILMN_1678459, IPR000535, IPR008962, IPR016763, LRG_656, LRG_656t1, MIM:182980, MIM:605704, MIM:608627, NM_001195677, NM_004738, NP_001182606, NP_004729, OTTHUMP00000031393, OTTHUMP00000174286, PF00635, PH_hs_0010780, Q53XM7, R-HSA-1430728, R-HSA-1660661, R-HSA-428157, R-HSA-556833, uc002xza.4, uc002xzd.3, UPI000002B6A0, UPI0000048ED2, VAPB, VAPB-001, VAPB-002
Secondary Identifiers VAPB_HUMAN, A2A2F2, O95293, Q9P0H0
Gene Names VAPB, UNQ484/PRO983
Chain initiator methionine:1, chain:2-243
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 9217
CTD Gene 9217
BioGPS Gene 9217
NCBI Gene 9217
ENSEMBL ENSG00000124164
KEGG Gene 9217
Orphanet 15704
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_004738
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_004729, NP_001182606
DOCK Blaster 2MDK, 3IKK
PRO O95292
GeneCards O95292
UCSC human O95292
Protein Data Bank 2MDK, 3IKK
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