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WASPs or WAVEs activate the ARP2/3 complex

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Homo sapiens
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Once WASPs (WASP and N-WASP) and WAVEs (WAVE2 and probably WAVE1 and WAVE3) are activated, their VCA region becomes available for binding to the ARP2/3 complex and actin monomer (G-actin). The actin monomer binds to the V domain and ARP2/3 complex binds to the CA domain. The simultaneous binding of G-actin and the ARP2/3 complex to the VCA region contributes to the activation of the ARP2/3-complex-mediated actin polymerization. The VCA module acts as a platform on which an actin monomer binds to the ARP2/3 complex to trigger actin polymerization (Takenawa & Suetsugu 2007).

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