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IL1RAP-1 (R-HSA-445745)

Species Homo sapiens

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Immune System(Homo sapiens)
Additional Information
External reference name IL1RAP
External reference id Q9NPH3
Synonyms mIL1RAP, Interleukin-1 receptor accessory protein, membrane associated isoform, mIL-1RAcP, IL1AP_HUMAN, Membrane-bound IL-1RAcP
Compartment plasma membrane
Other Identifiers 0002340154, 0004010167, 0005360601, 0106220138, 11729098_a_at, 11729099_a_at, 11732585_a_at, 11761995_a_at, 205227_at, 210233_at, 3556, 38546_at, 3O4O, 4DEP, 51136_at, A_14_P111968, A_14_P138362, A_23_P170857, A_23_P336554, A_24_P148762, A_24_P180165, AAB84059, AAC39609, AAF71687, AAF71688, AAF71689, AAH53621, AAO49451, AAQ01755, AAQ01756, AAQ01757, AAQ01758, AAQ01759, AB006537, ABU90811, AC008249, AC108747, ACR82488, AF016261, AF029213, AF167335, AF167336, AF167337, AF167338, AF167339, AF167340, AF167341, AF167342, AF167343, AF487335, AF538730, AF538731, AF538732, AF538733, AF538734, BAA25421, BC053621, CCDS3298, CCDS46982, CCDS54696, CH471052, EAW78100, EAW78102, EF591790, ENSG00000196083, ENSP00000072516, ENSP00000314807, ENSP00000345829, ENSP00000387371, ENSP00000390541, ENSP00000401132, ENSP00000408893, ENSP00000409352, ENSP00000412053, ENSP00000416296, ENST00000072516, ENST00000317757, ENST00000342550, ENST00000412504, ENST00000413869, ENST00000422485, ENST00000422940, ENST00000439062, ENST00000443369, ENST00000447382, EntrezGene:3556, FJ998418, g4504660_3p_x_at, g8050486_3p_at, GE53127, GE900526, GE903664, HGNC:5995, HPA035293, Hs.478673, IL1RAP, IL1RAP-001, IL1RAP-002, IL1RAP-003, IL1RAP-004, IL1RAP-005, IL1RAP-006, IL1RAP-008, IL1RAP-009, IL1RAP-201, IL1RAP-202, ILMN_1686884, ILMN_1745100, ILMN_1793870, ILMN_2357062, IPR000157, IPR003599, IPR004074, IPR007110, IPR013151, MIM:602626, NM_001167928, NM_001167929, NM_001167930, NM_001167931, NM_002182, NM_134470, NP_001161400, NP_001161401, NP_001161402, NP_001161403, NP_002173, NP_608273, OTTHUMP00000209485, OTTHUMP00000209486, OTTHUMP00000209487, OTTHUMP00000209488, OTTHUMP00000209489, OTTHUMP00000209490, OTTHUMP00000209492, OTTHUMP00000209493, PF00047, PF01582, PH_hs_0022571, PH_hs_0044474, PR01536, PR01537, SM00255, SM00409, uc003fsk.3, uc003fsl.3, uc003fsm.2, uc003fso.2, uc003fsq.3, uc010hzg.2, UPI000005416D, UPI000006F402, UPI00001B50E7, UPI000020A9C1, XP_005247490, XP_011511096
Secondary Identifiers IL1AP_HUMAN, B1NLD0, D3DNW0, O14915, Q86WJ7
Gene Names IL1RAP, C3orf13, IL1R3
Chain signal peptide:1-20, chain:21-570
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 3556
CTD Gene 3556
BioGPS Gene 3556
NCBI Gene 3556
ENSEMBL ENSG00000196083
KEGG Gene 3556
OMIM 602626
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_002182
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_002173, NP_608273
GeneCards Q9NPH3
UCSC human Q9NPH3
Inferred Entries
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