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IL6 (R-HSA-447100)

Species Homo sapiens

Locations in the PathwayBrowser
Signal Transduction(Homo sapiens)
Cellular responses to stress(Homo sapiens)
Immune System(Homo sapiens)
Additional Information
External reference name IL6
External reference id P05231
Synonyms Interleukin-6
Compartment extracellular region
Other Identifiers 0000870048, 11746463_a_at, 1ALU, 1IL6, 1N2Q, 1P9M, 205207_at, 2IL6, 3569, 38299_at, 4CNI, 4J4L, 4NI7, 4NI9, A_23_P71037, AAA52728, AAA52729, AAA59154, AAC41704, AAD13886, AAH15511, AAK48987, AAS07539, AAV38553, AAV38554, AC073072, AF372214, BC015511, BT019748, BT019749, CAA27990, CAA27991, CAA28026, CAA28268, CAA68278, CAB023406, CAG29292, CCDS5375, CH236948, CH471073, CR450296, EAL24265, EAW93756, EAW93758, ENSG00000136244, ENSP00000258743, ENSP00000385675, ENST00000258743, ENST00000404625, EntrezGene:3569, g10834983_3p_at, GE59660, HGNC:6018, IL6, IL6-001, IL6-201, ILMN_1699651, IPR003573, IPR003574, IPR009079, IPR030474, M14584, M18403, M29150, M54894, MIM:147620, MIM:148000, MIM:604302, NM_000600, NP_000591, OTTHUMP00000158544, PF00489, PH_hs_0026738, PR00433, PR00434, Q75MH2, REACT_11061, REACT_111040, REACT_111045, REACT_111102, REACT_115596, REACT_115755, REACT_115854, REACT_115871, REACT_115993, REACT_116005, REACT_116125, REACT_1183, REACT_1195, REACT_12002, REACT_12005, REACT_12033, REACT_12056, REACT_12058, REACT_120736, REACT_12076, REACT_12077, REACT_120956, REACT_120966, REACT_12529, REACT_12579, REACT_12606, REACT_1391, REACT_147694, REACT_147814, REACT_14797, REACT_1482, REACT_150139, REACT_150203, REACT_150210, REACT_150359, REACT_163701, REACT_163936, REACT_16888, REACT_169118, REACT_169168, REACT_169274, REACT_17025, REACT_18266, REACT_18334, REACT_21247, REACT_21272, REACT_21308, REACT_22232, REACT_25024, REACT_25222, REACT_25281, REACT_264273, REACT_264464, REACT_268006, REACT_268269, REACT_268546, REACT_27215, REACT_27283, REACT_27307, REACT_332, REACT_498, REACT_524, REACT_634, REACT_661, REACT_6783, REACT_6788, REACT_6802, REACT_6809, REACT_6890, REACT_6894, REACT_6900, REACT_6966, REACT_75790, REACT_762, REACT_7980, REACT_8005, REACT_8006, REACT_9020, REACT_9027, REACT_9047, REACT_9061, REACT_9417, REACT_9470, REACT_999, S56892, SM00126, uc003svj.4, UPI000002C4A6, X04402, X04403, X04430, X04602, X04602_s_at, XP_011513692, Y00081, Y00081_s_at
Secondary Identifiers IL6_HUMAN, Q9UCU2, Q9UCU3, Q9UCU4
Gene Names IL6, IFNB2
Chain signal peptide:1-29, chain:30-212
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 3569
CTD Gene 3569
BioGPS Gene 3569
NCBI Gene 3569
ENSEMBL ENSG00000136244
KEGG Gene 3569
Orphanet 16791
OMIM 604302
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000600
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000591
DOCK Blaster 1N2Q, 1P9M, 1ALU, 1IL6, 2IL6
HMDB_protein HMDBP02087
PRO P05231
GeneCards P05231
UCSC human P05231
Protein Data Bank 1N2Q, 1P9M, 1ALU, 1IL6, 2IL6