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Homo sapiens
APP, Amyloid beta A4 protein precursor, ABPP, Alzheimer's disease amyloid protein, Cerebral vascular amyloid peptide, CVAP, Protease nexin-II, PN-II, APPI, PreA4, Soluble APP-alpha, S-APP- alpha, Soluble APP-beta, S-APP-beta, C99, Beta-amyloid protein 42, Beta-APP42, Beta-amyloid protein 40, Beta-APP40, C83, P3(42), P3(40), Gamma-CTF(59), Gamma-secretase C-terminal fragment 59, Amyloid intracellular domain 59, AID(59), Gamma-CTF(57), Gamma- secretase C-terminal fragment 57, Amyloid intracellular domain 57, AID(57), Gamma-CTF(50), Gamma-secretase C-terminal fragment 50, Amyloid intracellular domain 50, AID(50), C31
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External Reference
Gene Names
APP, A4, AD1
signal peptide:1-17, chain:18-770, chain:18-687, chain:18-671, chain:18-286, chain:672-770, chain:672-713, chain:672-711, chain:688-770, peptide:688-713, peptide:688-711, chain:691-770, chain:712-770, chain:714-770, chain:721-770, chain:740-770
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Other Identifiers
 0001230601  11738008_s_at  11741216_x_at  11742210_a_at  11742211_x_at
 11742215_s_at  11746866_a_at  11750384_a_at  11751350_a_at  11752199_a_at
 11752200_x_at  11752481_a_at  11762804_x_at  16924551  1AAP
 1AMB  1AMC  1AML  1BA4  1BA6
 1BJB  1BJC  1BRC  1CA0  1HZ3
 1QXC  1QYT  1TAW  1TKN  1UO7
 1UO8  1UOA  1UOI  1X11  1Z0Q
 1ZE7  1ZE9  1ZJD  200602_at  211277_x_at
 214953_s_at  2BEG  2BOM  2BP4  2FJZ
 2FK1  2FK2  2FK3  2FKL  2FMA
 2G47  2IPU  2LFM  2LLM  2LMN
 2LP1  2LZ3  2LZ4  2M4J  2M9R
 2M9S  2MGT  2MJ1  2MPZ  2MVX
 2MXU  2OTK  2R0W  2WK3  2Y29
 2Y2A  2Y3J  2Y3K  2Y3L  351
 3IFP  3JQ5  3JQL  3JTI  3KTM
 3L33  3L81  3MOQ  3MXC  3MXY
 3NYJ  3NYL  3OVJ  3OW9  3SV1
 3U0T  3UMH  3UMI  3UMK  41136_s_at
 4HIX  4JFN  4M1C  4MDR  4MVI
 5CSZ  64309_f_at  A_24_P314159  A_33_P3296479  A_33_P3508822
 AAA35540  AAA51564  AAA51722  AAA51726  AAA51727
 AAA51768  AAA58727  AAA60163  AAB23646  AAB26263
 AAB26264  AAB26265  AAB59501  AAB59502  AAC13654
 AAC60601  AAH04369  AAH65529  AAQ14327  AAW82435
 APP  APP-001  APP-002  APP-003  APP-004
 APP-016  APP-017  BAA22264  BAB71958  BAG35248
 BAG58500  CAA30041  CAA30042  CAA30050  CAA31830
 CAA68374  CAB000157  CCDS13576  CCDS13577  CCDS33523
 CCDS46638  CCDS56212  CCDS56213  EAX09958  EAX09959
 EAX09960  EAX09961  EAX09963  EAX09965  ENSG00000142192
 ENSP00000284981  ENSP00000345463  ENSP00000346129  ENSP00000350578  ENSP00000351796
 ENSP00000387483  ENST00000346798  ENST00000348990  ENST00000354192  ENST00000357903
 ENST00000358918  ENST00000440126  EntrezGene:351  GE57419  HGNC:620
 HPA001462  Hs.434980  ILMN_1653283  ILMN_1678152  ILMN_2404063
 ILMN_2404065  IPR002223  IPR008154  IPR008155  IPR011178
 IPR013803  IPR015849  IPR019543  IPR019744  IPR019745
 IPR020901  IPR024329  MIM:104760  NM_000484  NM_001136016
 NM_001136129  NM_001204301  NM_001204302  NM_001204303  NM_201413
 NM_201414  NP_000475  NP_001129488  NP_001129601  NP_001191230
 NP_001191231  NP_001191232  NP_958816  NP_958817  PF00014
 PF02177  PF03494  PF10515  PF12924  PF12925
 PH_hs_0010546  PR00203  PR00204  PR00759  SM00006
 SM00131  uc002ylz.4  uc002yma.4  uc002ymb.4  uc010glj.4
 uc010glk.4  uc021whz.2  UPI000002A2F2  UPI000002A2F6  UPI000002A2F7
 UPI000002DB1C  UPI00001BE539  UPI00017A7091  Y00264_at
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Cross References
UCSC human
Confidence Score Interactor Accession Interactor Name Evidence (IntAct)
0.992 P05067 A4_HUMAN 104
0.728 O00213 APBB1_HUMAN 5
0.718 P61812 TGFB2_HUMAN 7
0.663 P10636 TAU_HUMAN 9
0.641 P04156 PRIO_HUMAN 3
0.641 P01137 TGFB1_HUMAN 3
0.633 Q9UQF2 JIP1_HUMAN 4
0.632 P49768 PSN1_HUMAN 6
0.625 Q99714 HCD2_HUMAN 4
0.625 P02647 APOA1_HUMAN 5
0.611 O75509 TNR21_HUMAN 3
0.589 Q9NP59 S40A1_HUMAN 5
0.589 P29353 SHC1_HUMAN 6
0.581 Q13625 ASPP2_HUMAN 3
0.581 O75955 FLOT1_HUMAN 5
0.564 P27797 CALR_HUMAN 2
0.564 P07196 NFL_HUMAN 2
0.564 Q99683 M3K5_HUMAN 2
0.558 P08138 TNR16_HUMAN 2
0.544 Q306T3 Q306T3_9ACTN 3
0.544 P15253 CALR_RABIT 3
0.528 P46933 APBB1_RAT 2
0.524 P01100 FOS_HUMAN 3
0.524 P61457 PHS_HUMAN 2
0.524 Q02410 APBA1_HUMAN 3
0.508 P21359 NF1_HUMAN 3
0.508 Q92870 APBB2_HUMAN 2
0.499 P78352 DLG4_HUMAN 2
0.499 P30101 PDIA3_HUMAN 3
0.489 P56817-1 BACE1 2
0.482 O14879 IFIT3_HUMAN 2
0.463 P36544 ACHA7_HUMAN 2
0.462 P04578 ENV_HV1H2 2