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DDB2 (R-HSA-53491) [Homo sapiens]

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External reference name DDB2
External reference id Q92466
Synonyms DDB2, DNA damage binding protein 2, DNA damage binding protein 2, Damage-specific DNA binding protein 2, DDB p48 subunit, DDBb, UV-damaged DNA-binding protein 2
Compartment nucleoplasm
Other Identifiers
 0000630403  11717397_a_at  1243_at  1643  203409_at
 3EI4  3I7L  4E54  4E5Z  A_14_P111520
 A_23_P52610  A_33_P3383955  AAB07897  AAH00093  AAO25655
 AAP35803  AB107037  AB107038  AB107039  AB107040
 AK313262  AY220533  BAD12557  BAD12558  BAD12559
 BAD12560  BAG36072  BC000093  BT007139  CAB025912
 CCDS73284  CCDS7927  CH471064  DDB2  DDB2-001
 DDB2-002  DDB2-004  DDB2-006  DDB2-007  EAW67952
 ENSG00000134574  ENSP00000256996  ENSP00000367863  ENSP00000367864  ENSP00000367866
 ENSP00000478411  ENST00000256996  ENST00000378600  ENST00000378601  ENST00000378603
 ENST00000616278  EntrezGene:1643  g4557514_3p_at  GE58979  HGNC:2718
 HPA058406  Hs.700338  ILMN_1660817  IPR001680  IPR017986
 IPR019775  LRG_467  LRG_467t1  MIM:600811  NM_000107
 NM_001300734  NP_000098  NP_001287663  OTTHUMP00000275192  OTTHUMP00000275193
 OTTHUMP00000275199  OTTHUMP00000275200  OTTHUMP00000275201  PF00400  PH_hs_0034842
 R-HSA-5696394  R-HSA-5696395  R-HSA-5696398  R-HSA-5696399  R-HSA-5696400
 R-HSA-73894  SM00320  U18300  U18300_at  uc001neb.3
 uc001nee.3  uc009yli.2  uc058bbl.1  uc058bbr.1  UPI000000D90C
 UPI000034E48A  UPI000034E48B  UPI000034E48C  UPI000034E48D
Secondary Identifiers DDB2_HUMAN, B2R875, Q76E54, Q76E55, Q76E56, Q76E57
Gene Names DDB2
Chain chain:1-427
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 1643
CTD Gene 1643
BioGPS Gene 1643
NCBI Gene 1643
ENSEMBL ENSG00000134574
Orphanet 15855
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000107
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000098, NP_001287663
DOCK Blaster 4E5Z, 4E54, 3I7L, 3EI4
HMDB_protein HMDBP10931
PRO Q92466
GeneCards Q92466
UCSC human Q92466
Protein Data Bank 4E5Z, 4E54, 3I7L, 3EI4
Confidence Score Interactor Accession Interactor Name Evidence
0.722 Q16531 DDB1_HUMAN 3
0.669 Q92905 CSN5_HUMAN 3
0.623 Q13619 CUL4A_HUMAN 3
0.564 Q9BW61 DDA1_HUMAN 2
0.564 Q3U1J4 DDB1_MOUSE 2
0.544 Q01094 E2F1_HUMAN 2
0.527 Q13620 CUL4B_HUMAN 3