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RAD51 (R-HSA-62637) [Homo sapiens]

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Additional Information
External reference name RAD51
External reference id Q06609
Synonyms DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog 1 (hRAD51) (HsRAD51), DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog 1, hRAD51
Compartment nucleoplasm
Other Identifiers
 0002350021  0004920577  11734841_a_at  1872_at  1B22
 1N0W  205023_at  205024_s_at  5888  A_23_P88731
 AAD49705  AAF69145  AAH01459  AAN87149  ABY59731
 AC012476  AC022405  AF165088  AF165089  AF165090
 AF165091  AF165092  AF165093  AF165094  AF233740
 AF233741  AF233742  AF233743  AF233744  AF236021
 AK131299  AK291969  AK313503  AY196785  BAA02962
 BAA03189  BAD18467  BAF84658  BAG36283  BC001459
 CAB010381  CAG38796  CCDS10062  CCDS53931  CCDS53932
 CH471125  CR536559  D13804  D14134  D14134_at
 EAW92432  EAW92434  EAW92435  ENSG00000051180  ENSP00000267868
 ENSP00000372088  ENSP00000406602  ENSP00000433924  ENSP00000454176  ENST00000267868
 ENST00000382643  ENST00000423169  ENST00000532743  ENST00000557850  EntrezGene:5888
 EU362635  g4506388_3p_a_at  GE57077  HGNC:9817  HPA039310
 ILMN_1659864  ILMN_1795609  ILMN_2257432  ILMN_2363027  IPR003593
 IPR010995  IPR011941  IPR013632  IPR016467  IPR020587
 IPR020588  IPR027417  MIM:179617  NM_001164269  NM_001164270
 NM_002875  NM_133487  NP_001157741  NP_001157742  NP_002866
 NP_597994  OTTHUMP00000160544  OTTHUMP00000231940  OTTHUMP00000231941  OTTHUMP00000231942
 OTTHUMP00000248623  PF08423  PF14520  PH_hs_0026109  Q9NZG9
 R-HSA-1500620  R-HSA-1640170  R-HSA-5685938  R-HSA-5685942  R-HSA-5693532
 R-HSA-5693537  R-HSA-5693538  R-HSA-5693554  R-HSA-5693567  R-HSA-5693568
 R-HSA-5693579  R-HSA-5693616  R-HSA-73894  R-HSA-912446  RAD51
 RAD51-001  RAD51-002  RAD51-003  RAD51-008  RAD51-009
 SM00382  uc001zmi.5  uc001zml.5  uc010bbw.4  uc010bbx.4
 uc059hua.1  UPI000000D8D2  UPI000002B20C  UPI000035E763  UPI0000EE6B91
 XM_006720626  XM_011521857  XM_011521858  XM_011521859  XM_011521860
 XM_011521861  XM_011521862  XP_006720689  XP_011520159  XP_011520160
 XP_011520161  XP_011520162  XP_011520163  XP_011520164
Secondary Identifiers RAD51_HUMAN, B0FXP0, B2R8T6, Q6FHX9, Q6ZNA8, Q9BV60
Gene Names RAD51, RAD51A, RECA
Chain initiator methionine:1, chain:2-339
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 5888
CTD Gene 5888
BioGPS Gene 5888
NCBI Gene 5888
ENSEMBL ENSG00000051180
Orphanet 15183
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_001164270
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_001157742, NP_002866, NP_597994, NP_001157741
DOCK Blaster 1B22, 1N0W
PRO Q06609
GeneCards Q06609
UCSC human Q06609
Protein Data Bank 1B22, 1N0W
Inferred Entries
Inferred to
Confidence Score Interactor Accession Interactor Name Evidence
0.971 P51587 BRCA2_HUMAN 36
0.772 Q06609 RAD51_HUMAN 5
0.662 O43502 RA51C_HUMAN 6
0.658 Q96B01-3 RAD51AP1 5
0.646 O43542 XRCC3_HUMAN 3
0.642 Q86YC2 PALB2_HUMAN 5
0.635 P43351 RAD52_HUMAN 3
0.592 Q96B01-2 RAD51AP1 4
0.553 P36601 RAD51_SCHPO 2
0.544 EBI-2307559 DT40_DNA 3
0.544 EBI-2307713 PHIX174_DSDNA 3
0.543 Q9BZ95 NSD3_HUMAN 4
0.543 Q96KN1 FA84B_HUMAN 4
0.543 P11245 ARY2_HUMAN 4
0.524 Q6NVH7 SWAP1_HUMAN 2
0.524 O14757 CHK1_HUMAN 3
0.508 Q13007 IL24_HUMAN 2
0.463 Q9BQ15 SOSB1_HUMAN 2