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RAD51 (R-HSA-62637)

Species Homo sapiens

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Cell Cycle(Homo sapiens)
DNA Repair(Homo sapiens)

Other forms of this molecule

Additional Information
External reference name RAD51
External reference id Q06609
Synonyms DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog 1 (hRAD51) (HsRAD51), DNA repair protein RAD51 homolog 1, hRAD51
Compartment nucleoplasm
Other Identifiers 0002350021, 0004920577, 11734841_a_at, 1872_at, 1B22, 1N0W, 205023_at, 205024_s_at, 5888, A_23_P88731, AAD49705, AAF69145, AAH01459, AAN87149, ABY59731, AC012476, AC022405, AF165088, AF165089, AF165090, AF165091, AF165092, AF165093, AF165094, AF233740, AF233741, AF233742, AF233743, AF233744, AF236021, AK131299, AK291969, AK313503, AY196785, BAA02962, BAA03189, BAD18467, BAF84658, BAG36283, BC001459, CAB010381, CAG38796, CCDS10062, CCDS53931, CCDS53932, CH471125, CR536559, D13804, D14134, D14134_at, EAW92432, EAW92434, EAW92435, ENSG00000051180, ENSP00000267868, ENSP00000372088, ENSP00000406602, ENSP00000433924, ENSP00000454176, ENST00000267868, ENST00000382643, ENST00000423169, ENST00000532743, ENST00000557850, EntrezGene:5888, EU362635, g4506388_3p_a_at, GE57077, HGNC:9817, HPA039310, ILMN_1659864, ILMN_1795609, ILMN_2257432, ILMN_2363027, IPR003593, IPR010995, IPR011941, IPR013632, IPR016467, IPR020587, IPR020588, IPR027417, MIM:114480, MIM:179617, MIM:614508, NM_001164269, NM_001164270, NM_002875, NM_133487, NP_001157741, NP_001157742, NP_002866, NP_597994, OTTHUMP00000160544, OTTHUMP00000231940, OTTHUMP00000231941, OTTHUMP00000231942, OTTHUMP00000248623, PF08423, PF14520, PH_hs_0026109, R-HSA-1500620, R-HSA-1640170, R-HSA-73888, R-HSA-73890, R-HSA-73894, R-HSA-73951, R-HSA-76000, R-HSA-76003, R-HSA-76010, R-HSA-912446, RAD51, RAD51-001, RAD51-002, RAD51-003, RAD51-008, RAD51-009, SM00382, uc001zmi.5, uc001zml.5, uc010bbw.4, uc010bbx.4, uc059hua.1, UPI000000D8D2, UPI000002B20C, UPI000035E763, UPI0000EE6B91, XM_006720626, XM_011521857, XM_011521858, XM_011521859, XM_011521860, XM_011521861, XP_006720689, XP_011520159, XP_011520160, XP_011520161, XP_011520162, XP_011520163
Secondary Identifiers RAD51_HUMAN, B0FXP0, B2R8T6, Q6FHX9, Q6ZNA8, Q9BV60
Gene Names RAD51, RAD51A, RECA
Chain initiator methionine:1, chain:2-339
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 5888
CTD Gene 5888
BioGPS Gene 5888
NCBI Gene 5888
ENSEMBL ENSG00000051180
KEGG Gene 5888
Orphanet 15183
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_001164270
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_001157742, NP_002866, NP_597994, NP_001157741
DOCK Blaster 1B22, 1N0W
PRO Q06609
GeneCards Q06609
UCSC human Q06609
Protein Data Bank 1B22, 1N0W
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