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ERCC5 (R-HSA-67447)

Species Homo sapiens

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DNA Repair(Homo sapiens)
Additional Information
External reference name ERCC5
External reference id P28715
Synonyms XPG protein, DNA-repair protein complementing XP-G cells (Xeroderma pigmentosum group G complementing protein) (DNA excision repair protein ERCC-5), ERCC5 or XPGC, Xeroderma pigmentosum group G complementing protein, DNA excision repair protein ERCC-5 , DNA-repair protein complementing XP-G cells
Compartment nucleoplasm
Other Identifiers 0005570088, 11717914_a_at, 11717915_s_at, 11748948_a_at, 11752129_a_at, 202414_at, 2063_at, 2064_g_at, 2073, A_14_P107601, A_14_P114951, A_14_P124571, A_23_P117225, AAC37533, AAF89178, AAF89179, AAH31522, AAN46091, AAP97715, AF255431, AF255433, AF255434, AF255435, AF255436, AF255437, AF255438, AF255439, AF255440, AF255441, AF255442, AF462447, AF550128, AL157769, BAA03812, BC031522, CAA49598, CAA50481, CAI14530, CAI14531, CCDS32004, D16305, ENSG00000134899, ENSP00000347978, ENSP00000365121, ENSP00000442117, ENST00000355739, ENST00000375954, ENST00000535557, EntrezGene:2073, ERCC5, ERCC5-001, ERCC5-006, ERCC5-201, g4503600_3p_at, GE59966, HGNC:3437, HPA045845, HPA050374, ILMN_1795495, IPR001044, IPR006085, IPR006086, IPR008918, IPR020045, IPR029060, L20046, LRG_464, LRG_464t1, MIM:133530, MIM:278780, NM_000123, NP_000114, OTTHUMP00000018678, OTTHUMP00000018681, PF00752, PF00867, PH_hs_0032358, PR00066, PR00853, REACT_1628, REACT_1826, REACT_1941, REACT_216, REACT_2222, REACT_2253, REACT_257, REACT_311, SM00279, SM00484, SM00485, uc001vpw.3, uc010tjb.2, UPI000006D0C3, UPI0000072184, UPI000046FDC1, X69978, X69978_at, X71341, X71342
Secondary Identifiers ERCC5_HUMAN, A6NGT4, Q5JUS4, Q5JUS5, Q7Z2V3, Q8IZL6, Q8N1B7, Q9HD59, Q9HD60
Gene Names ERCC5, ERCM2, XPG, XPGC
Chain chain:1-1186
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 2073
CTD Gene 2073
BioGPS Gene 2073
NCBI Gene 2073
ENSEMBL ENSG00000134899
KEGG Gene 2073
Orphanet 16666
OMIM 216400
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000123
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000114
ZINC_target P28715
PRO P28715
GeneCards P28715
UCSC human P28715
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