G2/M Transition

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Homo sapiens
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Together with two B-type cyclins, CCNB1 and CCNB2, Cdc2 (CDK1) regulates the transition from G2 into mitosis. CDK1 can also form complexes with Cyclin A (CCNA1 and CCNA3). CDK1 complexes with A and B type cyclins are activated by dephosphorylation of CDK1 threonine residue T14 and tyrosine residue Y15. Cyclin A:CDK1 and Cyclin B:CDK1 complexes phosphorylate several proteins involved in mitotic spindle formation and function, the breakdown of the nuclear envelope, and chromosome condensation that is necessary for the ~2 meters of DNA to be segregated at mitosis (Nigg 1998, Nilsson and Hoffmann 2000, Salaun et al. 2008, Fisher et al. 2012).

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