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ATM (R-HSA-69484)

Species Homo sapiens

Locations in the PathwayBrowser
Cell Cycle(Homo sapiens)
Cellular responses to stress(Homo sapiens)
DNA Repair(Homo sapiens)

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Additional Information
External reference name ATM
External reference id Q13315
Synonyms ATM serine-protein kinase, Serine-protein kinase ATM (EC (Ataxia telangiectasia mutated) (A-T, mutated), Serine-protein kinase ATM , Ataxia telangiectasia mutated
Compartment nucleoplasm
Other Identifiers 0006650286, 0006650605, 11720013_a_at, 11720014_a_at, 11741374_x_at, 11745546_a_at, 11751874_a_at, 1863_s_at, 2000_at, 2001_g_at, 208442_s_at, 210858_x_at, 212672_at, 472, 91853_at, A0A024R3C7, A_14_P117132, A_14_P119595, A_14_P131864, A_14_P134778, A_23_P35916, A_23_P374812, A_33_P3589722, AAA86520, AAB38309, AAB38310, AAB65827, AAC50289, AAC51298, AAI37170, AAO26044, AP001925, AP005718, ATM, ATM-003, ATM-201, AY220758, BC137169, CAA62603, CAB000102, CCDS31669, CH471065, EAW67108, EAW67111, EAW67113, ENSG00000149311, ENSP00000278616, ENSP00000388058, ENST00000278616, ENST00000452508, EntrezGene:472, g4502266_3p_a_at, GE80884, GE87169, HGNC:795, Hs.194382.2.S1_3p_at, Hs.367437, ILMN_1713630, ILMN_1779214, ILMN_2370825, IPR000403, IPR003151, IPR003152, IPR011009, IPR014009, IPR016024, IPR018936, IPR021668, KF455499, LRG_135, LRG_135t1, MIM:208900, MIM:607585, NM_000051, NP_000042, OTTHUMP00000232981, PF00454, PF02259, PF02260, PF11640, PH_hs_0026560, PH_hs_0045681, R-HSA-1500620, R-HSA-1640170, R-HSA-2262752, R-HSA-2559583, R-HSA-2559586, R-HSA-3371453, R-HSA-3371556, R-HSA-349425, R-HSA-419524, R-HSA-419552, R-HSA-69473, R-HSA-69481, R-HSA-69541, R-HSA-69563, R-HSA-69580, R-HSA-69601, R-HSA-69610, R-HSA-69613, R-HSA-69615, R-HSA-69620, R-HSA-73888, R-HSA-73890, R-HSA-73894, R-HSA-73951, R-HSA-75148, R-HSA-75154, R-HSA-83542, R-HSA-912446, SM00146, U26455, U33841, U33841_at, U55704, U55705, U55707, U55708, U55709, U55710, U55711, U55712, U55713, U55714, U55715, U55716, U55717, U55718, U55719, U55720, U55721, U55722, U55723, U55724, U55725, U55726, U55727, U55728, U55729, U55730, U55731, U55732, U55733, U55734, U55735, U55736, U55737, U55738, U55739, U55740, U55741, U55742, U55743, U55744, U55745, U55746, U55747, U55748, U55749, U55750, U55751, U55752, U55753, U55754, U55755, U55756, U55757, U67092, U67092_s_at, U82828, uc001pkb.1, uc009yxr.2, UPI000016B511, X91196, X91196_s_at, XM_005271561, XM_005271562, XM_006718843, XM_011542840, XM_011542841, XM_011542842, XM_011542844, XP_005271618, XP_005271619, XP_006718906, XP_011541142, XP_011541143, XP_011541144, XP_011541145, XP_011541146
Secondary Identifiers ATM_HUMAN, B2RNX5, O15429, Q12758, Q16551, Q93007, Q9NP02, Q9UCX7
Gene Names ATM
Chain initiator methionine:1, chain:2-3056
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 472
CTD Gene 472
BioGPS Gene 472
NCBI Gene 472
ENSEMBL ENSG00000149311
KEGG Gene 472
Orphanet 15962
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000051
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000042
ZINC_target Q13315
HMDB_protein HMDBP01231
PRO Q13315
GeneCards Q13315
UCSC human Q13315
Inferred Entries
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