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ATM (R-HSA-69484) [Homo sapiens]

Reference Gene Product
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Additional Information
External reference name ATM
External reference id Q13315
Synonyms ATM serine-protein kinase, Serine-protein kinase ATM (EC (Ataxia telangiectasia mutated) (A-T, mutated), Serine-protein kinase ATM , Ataxia telangiectasia mutated
Compartment nucleoplasm
Other Identifiers
 0006650286  0006650605  11720013_a_at  11720014_a_at  11741374_x_at
 11745546_a_at  11751874_a_at  1863_s_at  2000_at  2001_g_at
 208442_s_at  210858_x_at  212672_at  472  91853_at
 A0A024R3C7  A_14_P117132  A_14_P119595  A_14_P131864  A_14_P134778
 A_23_P35916  A_23_P374812  A_33_P3589722  AAA86520  AAB38309
 AAB38310  AAB65827  AAC50289  AAC51298  AAI37170
 AAO26044  AP001925  AP005718  ATM  ATM-003
 ATM-201  AY220758  BC137169  CAA62603  CAB000102
 CCDS31669  CH471065  EAW67108  EAW67111  EAW67113
 ENSG00000149311  ENSP00000278616  ENSP00000388058  ENST00000278616  ENST00000452508
 EntrezGene:472  g4502266_3p_a_at  GE80884  GE87169  HGNC:795
 HPA067142  Hs.194382.2.S1_3p_at  Hs.367437  ILMN_1713630  ILMN_1779214
 ILMN_2370825  IPR000403  IPR003151  IPR003152  IPR011009
 IPR014009  IPR016024  IPR018936  IPR021668  KF455499
 LRG_135  LRG_135t1  MIM:607585  NM_000051  NP_000042
 OTTHUMP00000232981  PF00454  PF02259  PF02260  PF11640
 PH_hs_0026560  PH_hs_0045681  Q6P7P1  R-HSA-1500620  R-HSA-1640170
 R-HSA-2262752  R-HSA-2559583  R-HSA-2559586  R-HSA-3371453  R-HSA-3371556
 R-HSA-349425  R-HSA-5685938  R-HSA-5685942  R-HSA-5693532  R-HSA-5693537
 R-HSA-5693538  R-HSA-5693548  R-HSA-5693554  R-HSA-5693565  R-HSA-5693567
 R-HSA-5693568  R-HSA-5693571  R-HSA-5693579  R-HSA-5693606  R-HSA-5693607
 R-HSA-5693616  R-HSA-69473  R-HSA-69481  R-HSA-69541  R-HSA-69563
 R-HSA-69580  R-HSA-69601  R-HSA-69610  R-HSA-69613  R-HSA-69615
 R-HSA-69620  R-HSA-73894  R-HSA-912446  SM00146  U26455
 U33841  U33841_at  U55704  U55705  U55707
 U55708  U55709  U55710  U55711  U55712
 U55713  U55714  U55715  U55716  U55717
 U55718  U55719  U55720  U55721  U55722
 U55723  U55724  U55725  U55726  U55727
 U55728  U55729  U55730  U55731  U55732
 U55733  U55734  U55735  U55736  U55737
 U55738  U55739  U55740  U55741  U55742
 U55743  U55744  U55745  U55746  U55747
 U55748  U55749  U55750  U55751  U55752
 U55753  U55754  U55755  U55756  U55757
 U67092  U67092_s_at  U82828  uc001pkb.1  uc009yxr.2
 UPI000016B511  X91196  X91196_s_at  XM_005271561  XM_005271562
 XM_006718843  XM_011542840  XM_011542841  XM_011542842  XM_011542843
 XM_011542844  XM_011542845  XP_005271618  XP_005271619  XP_006718906
 XP_011541142  XP_011541143  XP_011541144  XP_011541145  XP_011541146
Secondary Identifiers ATM_HUMAN, B2RNX5, O15429, Q12758, Q16551, Q93007, Q9NP02, Q9UCX7
Gene Names ATM
Chain initiator methionine:1, chain:2-3056
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 472
CTD Gene 472
BioGPS Gene 472
NCBI Gene 472
ENSEMBL ENSG00000149311
Orphanet 15962
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000051
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000042
ZINC_target Q13315
HMDB_protein HMDBP01231
PRO Q13315
GeneCards Q13315
UCSC human Q13315
Inferred Entries
Inferred to
Confidence Score Interactor Accession Interactor Name Evidence
0.677 Q9Y4R8 TELO2_HUMAN 4
0.65 P54274-2 TERF1 5
0.612 O43156 TTI1_HUMAN 5
0.602 Q9BQ15 SOSB1_HUMAN 4
0.556 O43313 ATMIN_HUMAN 5
0.556 P27958-PRO_0000037577 3
0.544 Q9NY61 AATF_HUMAN 3
0.524 Q9Y6K9 NEMO_HUMAN 4
0.508 Q9BZ95 NSD3_HUMAN 3
0.508 P11245 ARY2_HUMAN 2
0.508 Q13007 IL24_HUMAN 2
0.499 Q14676 MDC1_HUMAN 2
0.463 Q6PJG6 BRAT1_HUMAN 3
0.463 EBI-6863782 NS3_NS4A_HCVCO 6
0.463 EBI-9086707 NS3_NS4A_HCVH 2