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Purine ribonucleoside monophosphate biosynthesis

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Homo sapiens
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The purine ribonucleotide inosine 5'-monophosphate (IMP) is assembled on 5-phospho-alpha-D-ribose 1-diphosphate (PRPP), with atoms derived from aspartate, glutamine, glycine, N10-formyl-tetrahydrofolate, and carbon dioxide. Although several of the individual reactions in this sequence are reversible, as indicated by the double-headed arrows in the diagram, other irreversible steps drive the pathway in the direction of IMP synthesis in the normal cell. All of these reactions are thus annotated here only in the direction of IMP synthesis. Guanosine 5'-monophosphate (GMP) and adenosine 5'-monophosphate (AMP) are synthesized from IMP.

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