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Assembly of RNA Polymerase I Holoenzyme (human) (R-HSA-73865)

Species Homo sapiens


At the beginning of this reaction, 1 molecule of each of POLR1A (RPA190, A194), POLR1B (RPA135), POLR1C (RPA40), POLR1D (RPA19), POLR1E (PAF53, RPA49), POLR2E (RPB5), POLR2F (RPB6), POLR2H (RPB8), POLR2K (RPABC4, RPB12), POLR2L (RPB10), TWISTNB (RPA43), CD3EAP (CAST, PAF49), and ZNRD1 (RPA12) are present. At the end of this reaction, 1 molecule of 'RNA Polymerase I Holoenzyme (Human)' is present.
This reaction takes place in the 'nucleolus'.

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Compartment nucleoplasm