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Phosphorylation of histone H2AX at Serine-139 by ATM at the site of DSB (R-HSA-75242)

Species Homo sapiens


H2AX phosphorylation (producing the gamma-H2AX protein form) occurs within 1-3 minutes of DNA damage (Rogakou et al,1998) and is promoted by MDC1/NFBD1 (Stewart et al., 2003). gamma H2AX is one of the first proteins to appear at the site of damage, localizing to a region of about 2 Mbp surrounding the site of the double-strand break (Rogakou et al,1998). gamma-H2AX appears to play an essential role in recruiting other repair proteins including Rad50, Rad51 and BRCA1(Paull et al., 2000) (Stewart et al., 2003).

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p-S1981-ATM protein serine/threonine kinase activity (0004674)
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10959836 A critical role for histone H2AX in recruitment of repair factors to nuclear foci after DNA damage. Curr Biol 2000