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The SHC1:SHIP1 complex is stabilized by GRB2 (R-HSA-913424) [Homo sapiens]


Grb2 stabilizes the Shc/SHIP complex (Harmer & DeFranco 1999), presumably by simultaneously binding via its SH3 domains to SHIP and via its SH2 domain to phosphotyrosines on Shc. This forms a ternary complex of SHC1:GRB2:SHIP described as an outcome of IL-3, IL-5 or GM-CSF stimulation (Lafrancone et al. 1995, Odai et al. 1997). SHIP2 also associates with SHC1 but does not appear to require Grb2 for stability (Wisniewskiet al. 1999).

Additional Information
Compartment cytosol , plasma membrane