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TRIF-mediated TLR3/TLR4 signaling

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Homo sapiens
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TRIF(TICAM1) was shown to induce IRF3/7 and NF-?B activation and apoptosis through distinct intracellular signaling pathways [Han KJ et al 2004; Kaiser WJ and Offermann MK et al 2005]. TRIF consists of an N-terminal region (1-234), a TIR domain (235-500), and a C-terminal region (501-680).

The N-terminal region of TRIF harbors TRAF (TNF receptor associated factor) family proteins and forms complexes containing IRF-3 and/or NFkB -activating kinases. The C-terminal region of TRIF can recruit receptor-interacting protein-1 (RIP-1), and this event is followed by the activation of IKK complex.

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