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Ub-519-UBC(457-532) (R-HSA-939212)

Species Homo sapiens

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Immune System(Homo sapiens)
Signal Transduction(Homo sapiens)

Other forms of this molecule

Additional Information
External reference name UBC
External reference id P0CG48
Compartment cytosol
Other Identifiers 0002030204, 0006040167, 11744653_x_at, 11755503_x_at, 11758319_x_at, 1366_i_at, 1367_f_at, 1C3T, 1CMX, 1D3Z, 1F9J, 1FXT, 1G6J, 1GJZ, 1NBF, 1OGW, 1Q5W, 1S1Q, 1SIF, 1TBE, 1UBI, 1UBQ, 1UD7, 1XD3, 1XQQ, 1YX5, 1YX6, 1ZGU, 1ZO6, 208980_s_at, 211296_x_at, 2AYO, 2BGF, 2DEN, 2FUH, 2G45, 2GBJ, 2GBK, 2GBM, 2GBN, 2GBR, 2GMI, 2HTH, 2IBI, 2J7Q, 2JF5, 2JRI, 2JY6, 2JZZ, 2K25, 2K6D, 2K8B, 2K8C, 2KDF, 2KHW, 2KJH, 2KLG, 2KN5, 2KX0, 2L3Z, 2LD9, 2LVO, 2LVP, 2LVQ, 2LZ6, 2MBO, 2MBQ, 2MCN, 2MI8, 2MJ5, 2MOR, 2MRE, 2NR2, 2O6V, 2OJR, 2PE9, 2PEA, 2RR9, 2RU6, 2W9N, 2WDT, 2XEW, 2Y5B, 2Z59, 2ZCB, 2ZVN, 2ZVO, 32334_f_at, 32335_r_at, 3A33, 3ALB, 3AUL, 3B08, 3B0A, 3BY4, 3C0R, 3DVG, 3DVN, 3EEC, 3EFU, 3EHV, 3H7P, 3H7S, 3HM3, 3I3T, 3IFW, 3IHP, 3JSV, 3JVZ, 3JW0, 3K9O, 3K9P, 3KVF, 3KW5, 3LDZ, 3MHS, 3MTN, 3N30, 3N32, 3N3K, 3NS8, 3O65, 3OFI, 3OJ3, 3OJ4, 3ONS, 3PRM, 3PT2, 3PTF, 3Q3F, 3RUL, 3TMP, 3U30, 3UGB, 3V6C, 3V6E, 3VFK, 3VUW, 3VUX, 3VUY, 3ZLZ, 3ZNH, 3ZNI, 3ZNZ, 4AUQ, 4BOS, 4BOZ, 4BVU, 4DDG, 4DDI, 4DHJ, 4DHZ, 4FJV, 4HK2, 4HXD, 4I6L, 4I6N, 4IG7, 4IUM, 4JQW, 4K1R, 4K7S, 4K7U, 4K7W, 4KSK, 4KSL, 4LCD, 4LDT, 4MDK, 4MM3, 4MSM, 4MSQ, 4NQK, 4UN2, 7316, A_23_P329740, A_24_P266880, A_24_P681301, AAA36787, AAA36789, AAH39193, AB003730, AB009010, AB089613, AC126309, BAA09860, BAA23486, BAA23632, BAC56951, BC039193, CAB000362, CAB005419, CCDS9260, D63791, ENSG00000150991, ENSP00000344818, ENSP00000441543, ENST00000339647, ENST00000536769, EntrezGene:7316, g2647407_3p_a_at, g340067_3p_x_at, GE519044, HGNC:12468, HPA041344, HPA049132, ILMN_1828487, ILMN_1891922, ILMN_2038773, ILMN_2252160, ILMN_2331501, ILMN_943471, IPR000626, IPR019956, IPR022617, IPR029071, M17597, M26880, M26880_at, MIM:191340, NM_021009, NP_066289, OTTHUMP00000239007, OTTHUMP00000239012, PF00240, PF11976, PH_hs_0006671, PH_hs_0030809, PR00348, REACT_11045, REACT_11061, REACT_11063, REACT_111080, REACT_111102, REACT_111119, REACT_111178, REACT_111184, REACT_111217, REACT_11123, REACT_115566, REACT_115596, REACT_1156, REACT_115662, REACT_115676, REACT_115755, REACT_115828, REACT_115831, REACT_115852, REACT_115860, REACT_115871, REACT_115893, REACT_116125, REACT_1181, REACT_118614, REACT_118638, REACT_118656, REACT_118721, REACT_118773, REACT_118780, REACT_118823, REACT_118859, REACT_120726, REACT_120727, REACT_120734, REACT_120736, REACT_1208, REACT_120815, REACT_120850, REACT_120916, REACT_120956, REACT_121061, REACT_121111, REACT_121311, REACT_1221, REACT_12484, REACT_12526, REACT_12555, REACT_12627, REACT_1275, REACT_13415, REACT_13464, REACT_13537, REACT_13643, REACT_13648, REACT_13696, REACT_13720, REACT_13776, REACT_150314, REACT_150471, REACT_152, REACT_1538, REACT_15518, REACT_1574, REACT_1590, REACT_160082, REACT_160089, REACT_160099, REACT_160133, REACT_160189, REACT_160205, REACT_160214, REACT_160243, REACT_160248, REACT_160254, REACT_160301, REACT_160315, REACT_1614, REACT_1625, REACT_163936, REACT_163977, REACT_163994, REACT_169103, REACT_169107, REACT_169122, REACT_169165, REACT_169168, REACT_169192, REACT_169208, REACT_169219, REACT_169263, REACT_169274, REACT_169311, REACT_169325, REACT_169398, REACT_169435, REACT_169436, REACT_169440, REACT_169445, REACT_1725, REACT_1783, REACT_18265, REACT_18410, REACT_1949, REACT_2014, REACT_20549, REACT_207, REACT_21267, REACT_21279, REACT_21281, REACT_21308, REACT_21368, REACT_21391, REACT_21399, REACT_2148, REACT_216, REACT_2160, REACT_2203, REACT_22232, REACT_2243, REACT_22442, REACT_2254, REACT_23787, REACT_23837, REACT_24918, REACT_24941, REACT_24994, REACT_25018, REACT_25024, REACT_25120, REACT_25148, REACT_25222, REACT_25229, REACT_25271, REACT_25281, REACT_25300, REACT_25325, REACT_25351, REACT_25354, REACT_25359, REACT_25374, REACT_25380, REACT_263859, REACT_263863, REACT_263873, REACT_263883, REACT_263893, REACT_263937, REACT_263992, REACT_264030, REACT_264090, REACT_264092, REACT_264125, REACT_264127, REACT_264178, REACT_264199, REACT_264224, REACT_264286, REACT_264295, REACT_264356, REACT_264378, REACT_264430, REACT_264438, REACT_264478, REACT_264496, REACT_264499, REACT_264508, REACT_264511, REACT_264580, REACT_264581, REACT_264594, REACT_264596, REACT_264605, REACT_264621, REACT_264623, REACT_264636, REACT_267700, REACT_267701, REACT_268006, REACT_268156, REACT_268269, REACT_268323, REACT_268366, REACT_268456, REACT_268546, REACT_268718, REACT_27215, REACT_27258, REACT_299, REACT_309, REACT_383, REACT_4, REACT_474, REACT_578, REACT_6185, REACT_6256, REACT_6288, REACT_6359, REACT_6361, REACT_6761, REACT_6781, REACT_6783, REACT_6785, REACT_6788, REACT_6802, REACT_6809, REACT_6818, REACT_6820, REACT_6821, REACT_6828, REACT_6837, REACT_6844, REACT_6850, REACT_6871, REACT_6890, REACT_6894, REACT_6900, REACT_6954, REACT_6966, REACT_71, REACT_723, REACT_734, REACT_75774, REACT_75776, REACT_75790, REACT_75820, REACT_75842, REACT_75913, REACT_7980, REACT_8005, REACT_8006, REACT_8017, REACT_821, REACT_829, REACT_85, REACT_899, REACT_9003, REACT_9020, REACT_9027, REACT_9029, REACT_9031, REACT_9047, REACT_9061, REACT_910, REACT_938, REACT_9417, REACT_9453, REACT_9470, SM00213, UBC, UBC-001, UBC-007, uc001ugs.4, UPI000000D74D
Secondary Identifiers UBC_HUMAN, P02248, P02249, P02250, P62988, Q29120, Q6LBL4, Q6LDU5, Q8WYN8, Q91887, Q91888, Q9BWD6, Q9BX98, Q9UEF2, Q9UEG1, Q9UEK8, Q9UPK7
Gene Names UBC
Chain chain:1-76, chain:77-152, chain:153-228, chain:229-304, chain:305-380, chain:381-456, chain:457-532, chain:533-608, chain:609-684, propeptide:-
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
KEGG Gene 7316
Cross References
Database Identifier
GeneCards P0CG48
UCSC human P0CG48
Name Coordinate Modification PsiMod Name PsiMod Identifier PsiMod Definition
ubiquitinylated lysine at 519 519 ubiquitinylated lysine 01148 A protein modification that effectively crosslinks the N6-amino of a peptidyl lysine with the carboxyl-terminal glycine of a ubiquitin.