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Protein [EntityWithAccessionedSequence]
Homo sapiens
K48 ubiquitin (UBC 9)
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External Reference Information
External Reference
Gene Names
chain:1-76, chain:77-152, chain:153-228, chain:229-304, chain:305-380, chain:381-456, chain:457-532, chain:533-608, chain:609-684, propeptide:-
Reference Genes
Reference Transcript
Other Identifiers
 0002030204  0006040167  11744653_x_at  11755503_x_at  11758319_x_at
 1366_i_at  1367_f_at  16772172  1C3T  1CMX
 1D3Z  1F9J  1FXT  1G6J  1GJZ
 1NBF  1OGW  1Q5W  1S1Q  1SIF
 1TBE  1UBI  1UBQ  1UD7  1XD3
 1XQQ  1YX5  1YX6  1ZGU  1ZO6
 208980_s_at  211296_x_at  2AYO  2BGF  2DEN
 2FUH  2G45  2GBJ  2GBK  2GBM
 2J7Q  2JF5  2JRI  2JY6  2JZZ
 2K25  2K6D  2K8B  2K8C  2KDF
 2KHW  2KJH  2KLG  2KN5  2KX0
 2L3Z  2LD9  2LVO  2LVP  2LVQ
 2LZ6  2MBO  2MBQ  2MCN  2MI8
 2MJ5  2MOR  2MRE  2MWS  2N2K
 2NR2  2O6V  2OJR  2PE9  2PEA
 2RR9  2RU6  2W9N  2WDT  2XEW
 2Y5B  2Z59  2ZCB  2ZVN  2ZVO
 32334_f_at  32335_r_at  3A33  3ALB  3AUL
 3B08  3B0A  3BY4  3C0R  3DVG
 3DVN  3EEC  3EFU  3EHV  3H7P
 3H7S  3HM3  3I3T  3IFW  3IHP
 3JSV  3JVZ  3JW0  3K9O  3K9P
 3KVF  3KW5  3LDZ  3MHS  3MTN
 3N30  3N32  3N3K  3NS8  3O65
 3OFI  3OJ3  3OJ4  3ONS  3PRM
 3PT2  3PTF  3Q3F  3RUL  3TMP
 3U30  3UGB  3V6C  3V6E  3VFK
 3ZLZ  3ZNH  3ZNI  3ZNZ  4AP4
 4DDI  4DHJ  4DHZ  4FJV  4HK2
 4HXD  4I6L  4I6N  4IG7  4IUM
 4JQW  4K1R  4K7S  4K7U  4K7W
 4MM3  4MSM  4MSQ  4NQK  4UN2
 4V3K  4V3L  4WZP  4XOK  4XOL
 4ZQS  5A5B  5AF4  5AF5  5AF6
 5AIT  5AIU  5C7J  5C7M  5E6J
 7316  7967563  A_23_P329740  A_24_P266880  A_24_P681301
 AAA36787  AAA36789  AAH39193  AB003730  AB009010
 AB089613  AC126309  BAA09860  BAA23486  BAA23632
 BAC56951  BC039193  CAB000362  CAB005419  CCDS9260
 cg02316718  cg07882184  cg08979720  cg09930017  cg19888787
 cg26853536  D63791  ENSG00000150991  ENSP00000344818  ENSP00000441543
 ENST00000339647  ENST00000536769  EntrezGene:7316  g2647407_3p_a_at  g340067_3p_x_at
 GE519044  HGNC:12468  HPA041344  HPA049132  ILMN_1828487
 ILMN_1891922  ILMN_2038773  ILMN_2252160  ILMN_2331501  ILMN_943471
 IPR000626  IPR019954  IPR019956  IPR029071  M17597
 M26880  M26880_at  MIM:191340  NM_021009  NP_066289
 PF00240  PH_hs_0006671  PH_hs_0030809  PR00348  SM00213
 TC12002099.hg  UBC  UBC-001  UBC-007  uc001ugs.5
 uc031zre.2  UPI000000D74D
Participant Of
Other forms of this molecule
UBC(381-456) [endocytic vesicle membrane] UBC(533-608) [endocytic vesicle membrane] UBC(609-684) [endocytic vesicle membrane] UBC(457-532) [endocytic vesicle membrane]
UBC(153-228) [endocytic vesicle membrane] UBC(305-380) [endocytic vesicle membrane] UBC(229-304) [endocytic vesicle membrane] UBC(77-152) [endocytic vesicle membrane]
UBC(1-76) [endocytic vesicle membrane] Ub-566-UBC(533-608) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-338-UBC(305-380) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-186-UBC(153-228) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-262-UBC(229-304) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-414-UBC(381-456) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-110-UBC(77-152) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-642-UBC(609-684) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-33-UBC(1-76) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-488-UBC(457-532) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-291-UBC(229-304) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-595-UBC(533-608) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-443-UBC(381-456) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-139-UBC(77-152) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-63-UBC(1-76) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-671-UBC(609-684) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-519-UBC(457-532) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-367-UBC(305-380) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-215-UBC(153-228) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-386-UBC(381-456) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-6-UBC(1-76) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-310-UBC(305-380) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-234-UBC(229-304) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-614-UBC(609-684) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-462-UBC(457-532) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-538-UBC(533-608) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-158-UBC(153-228) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-82-UBC(77-152) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-315-UBC(305-380) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-163-UBC(153-228) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-543-UBC(533-608) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-239-UBC(229-304) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-619-UBC(609-684) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-467-UBC(457-532) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-11-UBC(1-76) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-391-UBC(381-456) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-87-UBC(77-152) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-656-UBC(609-684) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-124-UBC(77-152) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-428-UBC(381-456) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-48-UBC(1-76) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-504-UBC(457-532) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-200-UBC(153-228) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-580-UBC(533-608) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-276-UBC(229-304) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-352-UBC(305-380) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-29-UBC(1-76) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-182-UBC(153-228) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-486-UBC(457-532) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-334-UBC(305-380) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-638-UBC(609-684) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-106-UBC(77-152) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-258-UBC(229-304) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-562-UBC(533-608) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-410-UBC(381-456) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-636-UBC(609-684) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-104-UBC(77-152) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-256-UBC(229-304) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-484-UBC(457-532) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-27-UBC(1-76) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
Ub-332-UBC(305-380) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-180-UBC(153-228) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-408-UBC(381-456) [mitochondrial outer membrane] Ub-560-UBC(533-608) [mitochondrial outer membrane]
N6-glycyl-L-lysine-UBC(457-532) [cytosol] N6-glycyl-L-lysine-UBC(609-684) [cytosol] N6-glycyl-L-lysine-UBC(229-304) [cytosol] N6-glycyl-L-lysine-UBC(533-608) [cytosol]
N6-glycyl-L-lysine-UBC(153-228) [cytosol] N6-glycyl-L-lysine-UBC(305-380) [cytosol] N6-glycyl-L-lysine-UBC(77-152) [cytosol] N6-glycyl-L-lysine-UBC(1-76) [cytosol]
N6-glycyl-L-lysine-UBC(381-456) [cytosol] Ub-29-UBC(1-76) [cytosol] Ub-258-UBC(229-304) [cytosol] Ub-334-UBC(305-380) [cytosol]
Ub-410-UBC(381-456) [cytosol] Ub-486-UBC(457-532) [cytosol] Ub-562-UBC(533-608) [cytosol] Ub-106-UBC(77-152) [cytosol]
Ub-182-UBC(153-228) [cytosol] Ub-638-UBC(609-684) [cytosol] Ub-256-UBC(229-304) [cytosol] Ub-180-UBC(153-228) [cytosol]
Ub-104-UBC(77-152) [cytosol] Ub-484-UBC(457-532) [cytosol] Ub-560-UBC(533-608) [cytosol] Ub-636-UBC(609-684) [cytosol]
Ub-332-UBC(305-380) [cytosol] Ub-27-UBC(1-76) [cytosol] Ub-408-UBC(381-456) [cytosol] Ub-310-UBC(305-380) [cytosol]
Ub-6-UBC(1-76) [cytosol] Ub-462-UBC(457-532) [cytosol] Ub-386-UBC(381-456) [cytosol] Ub-538-UBC(533-608) [cytosol]
Ub-158-UBC(153-228) [cytosol] Ub-614-UBC(609-684) [cytosol] Ub-234-UBC(229-304) [cytosol] Ub-82-UBC(77-152) [cytosol]
Ub-110-UBC(77-152) [cytosol] Ub-33-UBC(1-76) [cytosol] Ub-488-UBC(457-532) [cytosol] Ub-338-UBC(305-380) [cytosol]
Ub-642-UBC(609-684) [cytosol] Ub-414-UBC(381-456) [cytosol] Ub-262-UBC(229-304) [cytosol] Ub-566-UBC(533-608) [cytosol]
Ub-186-UBC(153-228) [cytosol] adenylatedG608-UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] adenylatedG380-UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm] adenylatedG532-UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm]
adenylatedG304-UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm] adenylatedG152-UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm] adenylatedG684-UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm] adenylatedG228-UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm]
adenylatedG76-UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm] adenylatedG456-UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm] UBC [cytosol] adenylatedG380-UBC(305-380) [cytosol]
adenylatedG608-UBC(533-608) [cytosol] adenylatedG76-UBC(1-76) [cytosol] adenylatedG304-UBC(229-304) [cytosol] adenylatedG684-UBC(609-684) [cytosol]
adenylatedG152-UBC(77-152) [cytosol] adenylatedG532-UBC(457-532) [cytosol] adenylatedG228-UBC(153-228) [cytosol] adenylatedG456-UBC(381-456) [cytosol]
Ub-428-UBC(381-456) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] Ub-656-UBC(609-684) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] Ub-124-UBC(77-152) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] Ub-48-UBC(1-76) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
Ub-352-UBC(305-380) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] Ub-504-UBC(457-532) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] Ub-276-UBC(229-304) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] Ub-580-UBC(533-608) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
Ub-200-UBC(153-228) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] UBC(77-152) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] UBC(381-456) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] UBC(533-608) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
UBC(609-684) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] UBC(229-304) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] UBC(153-228) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] UBC(1-76) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
UBC(305-380) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] UBC(457-532) [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] UBC(1-76) [plasma membrane] UBC(457-532) [plasma membrane]
UBC(153-228) [plasma membrane] UBC(609-684) [plasma membrane] UBC(77-152) [plasma membrane] UBC(229-304) [plasma membrane]
UBC(533-608) [plasma membrane] UBC(381-456) [plasma membrane] UBC(305-380) [plasma membrane] UBC(1-76) [endosome membrane]
UBC(533-608) [endosome membrane] UBC(77-152) [endosome membrane] UBC(305-380) [endosome membrane] UBC(457-532) [endosome membrane]
UBC(381-456) [endosome membrane] UBC(153-228) [endosome membrane] UBC(609-684) [endosome membrane] UBC(229-304) [endosome membrane]
Ub-87-UBC(77-152) [cytosol] Ub-163-UBC(153-228) [cytosol] Ub-619-UBC(609-684) [cytosol] Ub-467-UBC(457-532) [cytosol]
Ub-11-UBC(1-76) [cytosol] Ub-543-UBC(533-608) [cytosol] Ub-391-UBC(381-456) [cytosol] Ub-315-UBC(305-380) [cytosol]
Ub-239-UBC(229-304) [cytosol] Ub-48-UBC(1-76) [cytosol] Ub-428-UBC(381-456) [cytosol] Ub-504-UBC(457-532) [cytosol]
Ub-580-UBC(533-608) [cytosol] Ub-276-UBC(229-304) [cytosol] Ub-124-UBC(77-152) [cytosol] Ub-200-UBC(153-228) [cytosol]
Ub-352-UBC(305-380) [cytosol] Ub-519-UBC(457-532) [endosome membrane] Ub-367-UBC(305-380) [endosome membrane] Ub-291-UBC(229-304) [endosome membrane]
Ub-443-UBC(381-456) [endosome membrane] Ub-215-UBC(153-228) [endosome membrane] Ub-63-UBC(1-76) [endosome membrane] Ub-595-UBC(533-608) [endosome membrane]
Ub-139-UBC(77-152) [endosome membrane] Ub-671-UBC(609-684) [endosome membrane] Ub-291-UBC(229-304) [plasma membrane] Ub-595-UBC(533-608) [plasma membrane]
Ub-367-UBC(305-380) [plasma membrane] Ub-63-UBC(1-76) [plasma membrane] Ub-139-UBC(77-152) [plasma membrane] Ub-215-UBC(153-228) [plasma membrane]
Ub-519-UBC(457-532) [plasma membrane] Ub-671-UBC(609-684) [plasma membrane] Ub-443-UBC(381-456) [plasma membrane] Ub-215-UBC(153-228) [cytosol]
Ub-139-UBC(77-152) [cytosol] Ub-595-UBC(533-608) [cytosol] Ub-291-UBC(229-304) [cytosol] Ub-367-UBC(305-380) [cytosol]
Ub-671-UBC(609-684) [cytosol] Ub-63-UBC(1-76) [cytosol] Ub-519-UBC(457-532) [cytosol] Ub-443-UBC(381-456) [cytosol]
UBC(457-532) [cytosol] UBC(1-76) [cytosol] UBC(381-456) [cytosol] UBC(229-304) [cytosol]
UBC(153-228) [cytosol] UBC(609-684) [cytosol] UBC(77-152) [cytosol] UBC(305-380) [cytosol]
UBC(533-608) [cytosol] Ub-408-UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm] Ub-484-UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm] Ub-104-UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-256-UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm] Ub-180-UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm] Ub-560-UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] Ub-27-UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-636-UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm] Ub-332-UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm] Ub-638-UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm] Ub-258-UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-562-UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] Ub-410-UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm] Ub-182-UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm] Ub-106-UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-334-UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm] Ub-29-UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm] Ub-486-UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm] Ub-671-UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-215-UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm] Ub-63-UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm] Ub-443-UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm] Ub-367-UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-139-UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm] Ub-519-UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm] Ub-595-UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] Ub-291-UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-48-UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm] Ub-428-UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm] Ub-504-UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm] Ub-276-UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-200-UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm] Ub-656-UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm] Ub-580-UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] Ub-124-UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-352-UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm] Ub-467-UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm] Ub-163-UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm] Ub-11-UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-87-UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm] Ub-239-UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm] Ub-543-UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] Ub-391-UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-315-UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm] Ub-619-UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm] Ub-186-UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm] Ub-338-UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-33-UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm] Ub-110-UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm] Ub-262-UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm] Ub-642-UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-566-UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] Ub-414-UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm] Ub-488-UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm] Ub-82-UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-6-UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm] Ub-234-UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm] Ub-158-UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm] Ub-310-UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-538-UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] Ub-462-UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm] Ub-386-UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm] Ub-614-UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm]
UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm] UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm] UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm] UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm]
UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm] UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm] UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm]
UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm] Ub-124-UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm] Ub-580-UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] Ub-428-UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-276-UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm] Ub-352-UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm] Ub-200-UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm] Ub-48-UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-656-UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm] Ub-504-UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm] Ub-671-UBC(609-684) [nucleoplasm] Ub-139-UBC(77-152) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-519-UBC(457-532) [nucleoplasm] Ub-63-UBC(1-76) [nucleoplasm] Ub-595-UBC(533-608) [nucleoplasm] Ub-215-UBC(153-228) [nucleoplasm]
Ub-443-UBC(381-456) [nucleoplasm] Ub-291-UBC(229-304) [nucleoplasm] Ub-367-UBC(305-380) [nucleoplasm]
Inferred To
Modified Residues
Name Coordinate Modification PsiMod
ubiquitinylated lysine at 656 656
ubiquitinylated lysine [MOD:01148] A protein modification that effectively crosslinks the N6-amino of a peptidyl lysine with the carboxyl-terminal glycine of a ubiquitin.
Cross References
UCSC human
Confidence Score Interactor Accession Interactor Name Evidence (IntAct)
0.96 P04637 P53_HUMAN 15
0.851 P55036 PSMD4_HUMAN 11
0.84 O14964 HGS_HUMAN 8
0.821 Q00987 MDM2_HUMAN 6
0.806 Q13501 SQSTM_HUMAN 5
0.78 P54252 ATX3_HUMAN 5
0.77 Q04206 TF65_HUMAN 6
0.766 Q92783 STAM1_HUMAN 6
0.75 Q9Y6K9 NEMO_HUMAN 4
0.715 P40343 VPS27_YEAST 5
0.702 Q9Y4K3 TRAF6_HUMAN 3
0.688 P01106 MYC_HUMAN 5
0.683 Q96B97 SH3K1_HUMAN 6
0.658 Q9Y253 POLH_HUMAN 4
0.656 O43583 DENR_HUMAN 3
0.656 P25963 IKBA_HUMAN 3
0.656 O43318 M3K7_HUMAN 4
0.623 Q9UMX0 UBQL1_HUMAN 3
0.602 Q8N488 RYBP_HUMAN 3
0.602 P98170 XIAP_HUMAN 3
0.593 Q9UBN7 HDAC6_HUMAN 3
0.591 Q99PZ6 OSPG_SHIFL 3
0.591 Q14934 NFAC4_HUMAN 3
0.589 P35226 BMI1_HUMAN 2
0.558 Q9UGI0 ZRAN1_HUMAN 2
0.547 P05412 JUN_HUMAN 2
0.544 P06239 LCK_HUMAN 2
0.544 Q9Z2V5 HDAC6_MOUSE 2
0.544 Q86VP1 TAXB1_HUMAN 5
0.544 Q12518 ENT1_YEAST 3
0.544 O76080 ZFAN5_HUMAN 3
0.544 O43639 NCK2_HUMAN 2
0.544 Q62921 HOIL1_RAT 2
0.527 Q15843 NEDD8_HUMAN 2
0.524 O43150 ASAP2_HUMAN 2
0.524 Q9HB09-1 BCL2L12 3
0.524 Q99062 CSF3R_HUMAN 2
0.524 Q9Y6R4 M3K4_HUMAN 2
0.524 P09874 PARP1_HUMAN 2
0.524 Q9UDY8 MALT1_HUMAN 4
0.524 Q9NX47 MARH5_HUMAN 2
0.524 Q9ULH1 ASAP1_HUMAN 2
0.524 P48357-3 LEPR 2
0.524 Q13887 KLF5_HUMAN 2
0.524 P04325 REV_HV112 2
0.524 Q9H4L4 SENP3_HUMAN 2
0.524 P61224 RAP1B_HUMAN 2
0.524 P25098 ARBK1_HUMAN 3
0.499 P35227 PCGF2_HUMAN 2
0.499 Q9Y5X1 SNX9_HUMAN 2
0.489 Q14596 NBR1_HUMAN 2