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APP(672-711) (R-HSA-976740)

Species Homo sapiens

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Extracellular matrix organization(Homo sapiens)
Disease(Homo sapiens)
Immune System(Homo sapiens)

Other forms of this molecule

Additional Information
External reference name APP
External reference id P05067
Synonyms Beta-amyloid protein 40, APP
Compartment extracellular region
Other Identifiers 0001230601, 11738008_s_at, 11741216_x_at, 11742210_a_at, 11742211_x_at, 11742215_s_at, 11746866_a_at, 11750384_a_at, 11751350_a_at, 11752199_a_at, 11752200_x_at, 11752481_a_at, 11762804_x_at, 1AAP, 1AMB, 1AMC, 1AML, 1BA4, 1BA6, 1BJB, 1BJC, 1BRC, 1CA0, 1HZ3, 1IYT, 1MWP, 1OWT, 1QCM, 1QWP, 1QXC, 1QYT, 1TAW, 1TKN, 1UO7, 1UO8, 1UOA, 1UOI, 1X11, 1Z0Q, 1ZE7, 1ZE9, 1ZJD, 200602_at, 211277_3p_x_at, 211277_x_at, 214953_s_at, 2BEG, 2BOM, 2BP4, 2FJZ, 2FK1, 2FK2, 2FK3, 2FKL, 2FMA, 2G47, 2IPU, 2LFM, 2LLM, 2LMN, 2LMO, 2LMP, 2LMQ, 2LNQ, 2LOH, 2LP1, 2LZ3, 2LZ4, 2M4J, 2M9R, 2M9S, 2MJ1, 2MVX, 2OTK, 2R0W, 2WK3, 2Y29, 2Y2A, 2Y3J, 2Y3K, 2Y3L, 351, 3AYU, 3BAE, 3BKJ, 3DXC, 3DXD, 3DXE, 3GCI, 3IFL, 3IFN, 3IFO, 3IFP, 3JQ5, 3JQL, 3JTI, 3KTM, 3L33, 3L81, 3MOQ, 3MXC, 3MXY, 3NYJ, 3NYL, 3OVJ, 3OW9, 3SV1, 3U0T, 3UMH, 3UMI, 3UMK, 41136_s_at, 4HIX, 4JFN, 4M1C, 4MDR, 4NGE, 4ONF, 4ONG, 64309_f_at, A_24_P314159, A_33_P3296479, A_33_P3508822, AAA35540, AAA51564, AAA51722, AAA51726, AAA51727, AAA51768, AAA58727, AAA60163, AAB23646, AAB26263, AAB26264, AAB26265, AAB59501, AAB59502, AAC13654, AAC60601, AAH04369, AAH65529, AAQ14327, AAW82435, AB066441, AF282245, AK295621, AK312326, AP001439, AP001440, AP001441, AP001442, AP001443, APP, APP-001, APP-002, APP-003, APP-004, APP-016, APP-017, AY919674, BAA22264, BAB71958, BAG35248, BAG58500, BC004369, BC065529, CAA30041, CAA30042, CAA30050, CAA31830, CAA68374, CAB000157, CCDS13576, CCDS13577, CCDS33523, CCDS46638, CCDS56212, CCDS56213, CH471079, D87675, EAX09958, EAX09959, EAX09960, EAX09961, EAX09963, EAX09965, ENSG00000142192, ENSP00000284981, ENSP00000345463, ENSP00000346129, ENSP00000350578, ENSP00000351796, ENSP00000387483, ENST00000346798, ENST00000348990, ENST00000354192, ENST00000357903, ENST00000358918, ENST00000440126, EntrezGene:351, g4502166_3p_at, GE57419, HGNC:620, HPA001462, Hs.177486.2.A1_3p_a_at, Hs.434980, ILMN_1653283, ILMN_1678152, ILMN_2404063, ILMN_2404065, IPR002223, IPR008154, IPR008155, IPR011178, IPR013803, IPR015849, IPR019543, IPR024329, M15532, M15533, M16765, M18734, M24546, M24547, M28373, M29269, M29270, M33112, M34862, M34863, M34864, M34865, M34866, M34867, M34868, M34869, M34870, M34871, M34872, M34873, M34874, M34875, M34876, M34877, M34878, M34879, M35675, M37895, M37896, MIM:104300, MIM:104760, MIM:605714, NM_000484, NM_001136016, NM_001136129, NM_001204301, NM_001204302, NM_001204303, NM_201413, NM_201414, NP_000475, NP_001129488, NP_001129601, NP_001191230, NP_001191231, NP_001191232, NP_958816, NP_958817, OTTHUMP00000096095, OTTHUMP00000096096, OTTHUMP00000096097, OTTHUMP00000096098, OTTHUMP00000272882, OTTHUMP00000274887, PF00014, PF02177, PF03494, PF10515, PH_hs_0010546, PR00203, PR00204, PR00759, REACT_111102, REACT_116125, REACT_118563, REACT_118764, REACT_118779, REACT_118823, REACT_120966, REACT_1280, REACT_14797, REACT_14819, REACT_14828, REACT_163773, REACT_163906, REACT_18283, REACT_19184, REACT_19231, REACT_21264, REACT_21281, REACT_21340, REACT_24969, REACT_25024, REACT_25195, REACT_25222, REACT_25281, REACT_25359, REACT_267615, REACT_267874, REACT_27215, REACT_318, REACT_604, REACT_6783, REACT_6788, REACT_6802, REACT_6809, REACT_6890, REACT_6894, REACT_6900, REACT_6966, REACT_75808, REACT_75900, REACT_75913, REACT_75925, REACT_798, REACT_7980, REACT_8005, REACT_8006, REACT_9020, REACT_9027, REACT_9047, REACT_9061, S45136, S60317, S60721, S61380, S61383, SM00006, SM00131, uc002ylz.3, uc002yma.3, uc002ymb.3, uc010glj.3, uc010glk.3, uc021whz.1, UPI000002A2F6, UPI000002A2F7, UPI000002DB1C, UPI00001BE539, UPI00017A7091, X06981, X06982, X06989, X13466, X13467, X13468, X13469, X13470, X13471, X13472, X13473, X13474, X13475, X13476, X13477, X13478, X13479, X13487, X13488, Y00264, Y00264_at
Secondary Identifiers A4_HUMAN, B2R5V1, B4DII8, D3DSD1, D3DSD2, D3DSD3, P09000, P78438, Q13764, Q13778, Q13793, Q16011, Q16014, Q16019, Q16020, Q6GSC0, Q8WZ99, Q9BT38, Q9UC33, Q9UCA9, Q9UCB6, Q9UCC8, Q9UCD1, Q9UQ58
Gene Names APP, A4, AD1
Chain signal peptide:1-17, chain:18-770, chain:18-687, chain:18-671, chain:18-286, chain:672-770, chain:672-713, chain:672-711, chain:688-770, peptide:688-713, peptide:688-711, chain:691-770, chain:712-770, chain:714-770, chain:721-770, chain:740-770
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 351
CTD Gene 351
BioGPS Gene 351
NCBI Gene 351
ENSEMBL ENSG00000142192
KEGG Gene 351
Orphanet 15941
OMIM 104300
Reference Transcripts
Database Identifier
RefSeq NM_000484
Cross References
Database Identifier
RefSeq NP_000475
ZINC_target P05067
DOCK Blaster 1AAP, 1AMB, 1AMC, 1AML, 1BA4, 1BA6, 1BJB, 1BJC, 1BRC, 1CA0, 1HZ3, 1IYT, 1MWP, 1OWT, 1QCM, 1QWP, 1QXC, 1QYT, 1TAW, 1TKN, 1UO7, 1UO8, 1UOA, 1UOI, 1ZE7, 1ZE9, 1ZJD, 2BEG, 2BP4
HMDB_protein HMDBP01991
PRO P05067
GeneCards P05067
UCSC human P05067
Protein Data Bank 1AAP, 1AMB, 1AMC, 1AML, 1BA4, 1BA6, 1BJB, 1BJC, 1BRC, 1CA0, 1HZ3, 1IYT, 1MWP, 1OWT, 1QCM, 1QWP, 1QXC, 1QYT, 1TAW, 1TKN, 1UO7, 1UO8, 1UOA, 1UOI, 1ZE7, 1ZE9, 1ZJD, 2BEG, 2BP4
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