39S subunit binds 28S subunit:mRNA:fMet-tRNA

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39S subunit binds 28S subunit:mRNA:fMet-tRNA

The 39S ribosomal subunit binds the 28S subunit:mRNA:N-formylmethionyl-tRNA complex, MTIF2 hydrolyzes GTP, then MTIF2, GDP, and MTIF3 dissociate (Liao and Spremulli 1991). (MTIF2 has very low affinity for GDP so it is unclear if MTIF2 and GDP remain associated after hydrolysis of GTP.) The 39S and 28S subunits have 15 intersubunit bridges, only 6 of which are conserved in bacterial ribosomes (Sharma et al. 2003, Greber et al. 2014, Kaushal et al. 2014). The 28S subunit, 39S subunit, and 55S holoribosome associate with the inner mitochondrial membrane independently of translation (Liu and Spremulli 2000).

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GTPase activity of 28S ribosomal subunit:MTIF3:MTIF2:GTP:mRNA:fMet-tRNA(fMet) [mitochondrial inner membrane]
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