viral dsRNA : TRL3 recruits TICAM1

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Chicken TICAM1 encodes a 735 amino-acid protein that shares 31% sequence identity with its human and mouse orthologs.

TICAM1 (or TRIF) is known to be an essential and exclusive adaptor used by TLR3 ; all the poly(I:C)-induced pathways leading to NFkB and IRF3 activation were abolished in TRIF–/– mice (Yamamoto et al. 2003).

Human TICAM1 consists of an N-terminal region (1–234), a TIR domain (235–500), and a C-terminal region (501–680).

The N-terminal region of TICAM1 harbors TRAF (TNF receptor associated factor) family proteins and forms complexes containing IRF-3 and/or NFkB -activating kinases.

The C-terminal region of TICAM1 can recruit receptor-interacting protein-1 (RIP-1), and this event is followed by the activation of IKK complex .

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